How to Follow the Launch of the iPhone 7 Live

Unless you have been living in a jungle, with no Jio connectivity, we mean, internet connectivity, you would be well aware that tonight is the night, when the iPhone 7 is revealed before us. After months of speculations, leaked press images and arguments on whether the 3.5mm headphone jack will survive a chopping, we Apple will reveal the final product before us. It is expected that Apple will announce the public release of iOS 10 tonight too, alongside the Watch OS 3 and macOS Sierra. Not to forget, we all live in the hope there is ‘one more thing’ and more personal gadgets on display, perhaps new Apple Watch and the upgraded MacBook Pros, even though the chances of it happening are slim.

iPhone 7 leaked

As you would have guessed, it promises to be an action-packed morning at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. So, if you are missing out being in the United States for the event, there are multiple ways that you can catch the event live. Before we reveal the same, you should know the timing. The event will kick off at 10:30PM for those of you in India.


If you already own an Apple device, then catching up on the iPhone 7 Launch will be easy. From your existing iPhone, MacBook, iPod or an iPad simply go to the event page here and watch the live stream, which should be up by 10:30PM. You will have to make sure that your device is at least running iOS 7 in case of iPod, iPhone and iPad and OS X v10.8.5 in case of Macs. If you have a second, third or fourth generation Apple TV, you must at least be on software version 6.2 and beyond to catch the live stream. For Windows 10 users, simply use your Edge browser to visit the page and catch the event live. Apple has also added a functionality, where you can directly set a calendar alert from the page, if you go right away, so that you are given a prompt right before the event goes live.


While this is a rather straight forward ay of tuning in and watching the Live Stream, what if you do not have an Apple product or even a machine with Windows 10? In case of Linux devices or older Windows machines, you will have to rely on a workaround. You will need the video URL of the stream, from one of your friends who will be watching the stream on one of the devices listed above and share it with you. Once you have the video URL, you will need to open a network stream supported player like VLC. On your desktop, open VLC and find the option to ‘Open Network Stream’ under media, and simply paste the video playback URL. The stream should start playing without a hiccup. If you want to watch the stream on your Android phone, you should go ahead and download the VLC app on Android and find the option of ‘Open MRL’ from the side menu.

In case you miss out on the stream, we will be tweeting all about the iPhone 7 as the action unfolds, so make sure you are there and following us on Twitter @pricebaba, too.

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