Forget About BGMI; Indus Battle Royale Is Coming. Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer Out


  • SuperGaming has revealed the gameplay trailer of its upcoming Indus Battle Royale game
  • The trailer reveals some spicy details about the game
  • Pre-registration for the game is live now

SuperGaming has launched the first trailer for the upcoming futuristic battle royale game Indus. It was announced over a year ago, and it seems that we are finally going to see the game launch with this trailer launch.

Take a look at the gameplay trailer:

Looking at the trailer, we can say that this game has more in common with Apex Legends than BGMI or PUBG.

This gameplay trailer gives us a first look at the game’s Virlok map, and we get introduced to the game’s playable characters: Adam, Sir-Taj, Adya and Big Gaj. It seems like Sir-Taj and Big Gaj are going to be the favourites; Sir-Taj literally has the Taj Mahal’s dome as his head, and the rest of it completes the body; meanwhile, Big Gaj looks like a modern Ganesha.

The trailer shows that Indus will let you play in first- and third-person views. Indus will be a battle royale game, and you can expect closing rings, and we can also expect Apex Legends-esque skill-based matchmaking and ranking system will also be a part of the later development plans.

A SuperGaming spokesperson said that Indus isn’t a class-based hero shooter like Valorant or Overwatch, “Players will definitely get to see our own interesting take on augmenting players with some special abilities on the plains of Virlok, sometime after the launch.”

Speaking about this gameplay trailer, co-founder and CEO of SuperGaming Roby John said, “As we’ve been making Indus and seeing its gameplay evolve over the year, we wanted to share it with the rest of the world. This gameplay trailer is for the Indus community the world over that may not have been able to play it with us and to show off the true scale of battle royale that we want you to have when the game is out.”

SuperGaming has been creating hype around its battle royale Indus. Indus previously revealed the first trailer (not the gameplay trailer) on Independence day; it was even displayed at Times Square in New York. We can say that this trailer hypes it more. The pre-registration for Indus game is now live in Google Play Store. Register yourself for the game to know when Indus Battle Royale is launched.