Free Fire headshot setting: best sensitivity settings for quick headshots in Garena Free Fire Max

Garena Free Fire Max is among the most popular battle royale games in India. The game has a loyal fanbase, which keeps growing every day. So it makes sense that each of those players wants to improve their chances of winning the matches. While skills and luck play a huge part in the game, sensitivity settings are often ignored by players.

Given that gamer play on various smartphone models with different refresh rates and hardware capabilities, you might need to tweak your Free Fire sensitivity settings. Below are some of the sensitivity settings that’ll help you get perfect headshots in Free Fire with almost zero recoils.

Free Fire sensitivity settings: why is it important?

Sensitivity plays a vital role in all FPS(first-person shooter), and TPS(third-person shooter) games especially when you are playing it on a smartphone. For games like Free Fire, you need to keep your eyes on several factors, such as your movements, acquiring loot, keeping watch for enemies, taking down opponents, and a lot more. Instead of using your phone’s default sensitivity settings, you can try using custom sensitivity settings to enhance your gameplay experience. These sensitivity settings are also ideal for scoring Free Fire headshots.

Free Fire: how to adjust sensitivity settings?

Here is the best Free Fire settings recommended for getting perfect headshots in Free Fire. However, do note that these might not suit all smartphones due to hardware restrictions. If these don’t work for you, you can reset to your default settings.

  • First, launch the Free Fire game on your smartphone.
    Once you’re on the homepage tap on the settings icon placed at the top-right corner of the display.
  • You will see the Sensitivity tab on the left column.
  • Slide your finger along the various sensitivity settings to adjust them, or press reset to go back to default settings for your smartphone.

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Best Free Fire headshot settings

Free Fire recommended sensitivity settings

Free Fire has headshot custom sensitivity settings that you can adjust as per your requirement. Here are the recommended settings.

Sensitivity Options Default Recommended
General 65 90-100
Red Dot 85 90
2X Scope 75 85
4X Scope 65 70
Sniper Scope 50 58
Free Look 50 66

It is recommended to keep the general sensitivity high because it allows you to move freely and perform 360-degree headshots inside the game. The Red Dot sensitivity is recommended to be on the higher side because it helps you in taking moving shots smoothly. These settings work most of the time and help you get better headshots every time.

However, do note that smartphones from different brands do come with different hardware settings. If you face any difficulty with the above-given settings, then there is always room for making changes. Finally, make sure you practice using the recommended settings so that you get comfortable with playing the game again.

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