Free Fire introduces emulator matchmaking pool: here’s how it affects emulator players

Garena’s Free Fire is among the most popular battle royale mobile games in India right now. Over the years, Garena has introduced many updates in the game, making the gameplay better for players. However, with many players using emulators to participate in the game, the overall experience for mobile gamers has been compromised. This is because playing Free Fire on a PC using emulators can bring a few advantages over playing on a mobile device.

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A keyboard and mouse give better control over the game mechanics and thus creates a bias among emulator players and mobile players. Garena is introducing an emulator matchmaking pool that will create separate rooms for mobile and emulator players to promote fair play within the game. It will also notify you when an emulator player joins the team.

Garena Free Fire Emulator Matchmaking Pool: how does it work?

Free Fire will now notify you if an emulator player has joined the team

To provide an even gaming experience across players, Garena is launching the Free Fire Emulator Matchmaking Pool, a unique matchmaking feature that will match mobile players against mobile players and emulator players against other emulator players. Listed below are some of the highlights of the feature and how it will affect the gaming experience.

  • Garena Free Fire Emulator Matchmaking Pool will be available for BR and CS ranked modes only 
  • If your team consists of one or more emulator players, your entire team will be matched against other emulator players 
  • You’ll be matched with other mobile players if your squad has mobile players only
  • An emulator icon will be displayed on the team invites to differentiate between mobile and emulator players. 
  • To keep up with Emulator Matchmaking Pool, a notification will pop up on the screen whenever an emulator player joins the team. 

To create a better experience for all Free Fire players, Garena is set to release the update soon. As mentioned above, the Emulator Matchmaking Pool will be available in BR and CS ranked modes only, and other modes will run as default. 

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Free Fire Emulator Matchmaking Pool: how to match with emulator players

If you are playing via an emulator, follow the steps below to match with other emulator players on Free Fire.

  1. Open the game and sign in to your account
  2. Inside the game lobby, select BR or CS modes.
  3. Add emulator players to your squad.
  4. The system will automatically match your squad with other emulator players. 
  5. The system will notify all the players about the emulator being used in the game. 

Free Fire Emulator Matchmaking Pool: how to match with only mobile players

If you’re playing on a mobile device, you can ensure no emulator players join your team by following these steps.

  1. Inside the matchmaking lobby, select the Classic mode or BR mode. 
  2. Add your squad members.
  3. If one or more players in your team are using a PC emulator, all the players in the squad will get a notification about the players’ device. 
  4. You can remove the emulator player ensure you have only mobile players on the team.
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