Free Fire Hacker Store event: how to get Sakura Clubber bundle, Trendy Clubber bundle and Lush Clubber bundle

Free Fire has announced another event called Hacker Store. While one can say that the gameplay of Free Fire is fine, it definitely looks cooler than many other battle royale style games. Garena makes this appearance possible with its wide range of cosmetic items, which is not limited to costumes and bundles.

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Last week, we saw Free Fire announce a number of events including the Crystal Cube event, the Falconer Top Up event and the Duplex Cache event. It also offered a 50 percent discount on the Theme Gun Store. Now, to keep the momentum going, there is a new event called Hacker Store and you can win three different bundles. Here is how.

Free Fire Hacker Store event: what is it?

The newest event from Garena is called Hacker Store and it is being held from May 24th to May 30th, 2021. During this event, Free Fire players and enthusiasts will be able to win three different bundles. The bundles available to win include the Sakura Clubber bundle, Trendy Clubber bundle and Lush Clubber bundle. In order to really level up in Free Fire, you must obtain new characters, pets, costumes and bundles.

While these are not available for free and you need to spend Free Fire Diamonds, the in-game currency to get them, the events held in the game are a window to getting some select bundles or items for free. For a Free Fire player, it is thus imperative to win whenever an event is announced and obtain the rewards mentioned in the game. When players participate in Hacker Store, they will first need to choose one grand prize and one bonus prize.

Free Fire Hacker Store event: list of grand prizes to choose from

Please note that the rewards mentioned below might vary from one user to another. However, here are three confirmed options for the Free Fire Hacker Store event grand prize.

  • Trendy Clubber bundle
  • Lush Clubber bundle
  • Sakura Clubber bundle

Free Fire Hacker Store event: rules of the event

Free Fire notes that you should be able to win your selected grand prize within six spins. Here is a look at the rules of the event

  1. At the Hacker Store, players get to choose their preferred grand prizes.
  2. Once the top prize is selected, you get the chance to spin and win your preferred grand prize.
  3. Once you obtain a prize, Free Fire will remove that prize from the pool.
  4. Spin prices will keep increasing with the elimination of each grand prize.

Free Fire Hacker Store event: how to get the Sakura Clubber bundle

  • Launch the Free Fire game on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Click on the calendar icon located at the right hand side of the main screen.
  • Navigate through the ‘News’ tab and click on the Hacker Store event option.
  • Select the Sakura Clubber bundle as your preferred grand prize.
  • Now, select the bonus prize and press “Confirm”.
  • Players should now click on the “Click to Draw” option.

A random reward will be drawn from the prize pool and the same will be removed. As mentioned in the rules above, it will take up to 6 spins or draw for you to win the Sakura Clubber bundle or any other bundle as part of Hacker Store event.

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