Free Fire New Age Patch Notes: new gaming modes, updates, weapon balance and more

Garena Free Fire has dropped the “New Age” update as it had promised, and it comes with tons of upgrades, new gaming modes, and much more. For starters, the game now includes the much anticipated Money Heist-themed costumes and new skills for Chrono, Maxim, K, D-Bee, and Thiva.

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Along with these updates, Garena Free Fire New Age will adjust the balance for weapons, armour, maps and gameplay. Players can download the new patch from the home screen, and it is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Clash Squad is also getting an update along with two others modes – Lone Wolf and Rank.

Free Fire New Age Patch Notes: list of new modes and adjustments

Perhaps the biggest update in the Free Fire New Age is the optimisation of gaming modes. Players can now test their skills in three recurring modes after updating the game to the latest version. Here is a list of all the three modes accompanying the Free Fire New Age update.

Lone Wolf mode

Lone Wolf mode

The Lone Wolf mode is coming back to Free Fire in a fresh new avatar featuring new settings for a limited time. In this mode, two players will take turns in every two rounds to choose their weapon of choice. To win against the opponent, you have to concede with your weapon of choice as well as your opponent’s arsenal. The mode will follow the same Iron Cage format with weapon cooldown time. Furthermore, the size of the Iron Cage will be increased so that players can move around freely while testing their skills against the opponents.

Rank mode

Rank mode Free Fire

The Rank mode is now revamped from the ground up, and players can expect a new rank “Master” inside the game. According to Garena, the gap between the Heroic ranked players was big and adding a new rank was the only way to make the game more competitive. Now, players can go up to the Master rank after completing Heroic inside the Ranked Mode.

Clash Squad

Clash Squad Free Fire

The Clash Squad mode is getting touch-ups as well and players can now request multiple items from their teammates. In the initial stage of the Clash Squad mode, the number of requested items was limited to only one. Now, every player can request more than 1 item from other players. Additionally, the new update brings significant changes to the map as well including a better ground elevation at Academy and Mill. The amount of Gloo Walls or utility Grenades have also decreased, and now, players cannot carry more utility Grenades in consecutive rounds.

Free Fire New Age Patch Notes: armour attachments and weapon balance

Free Fire new weapon

Free Fire New Age onboard a new armour attachments mechanism that increases the strength of the armour, aiding to protect players during crossfire situations. The update also brings adjustments to guns like SCAR, M60, UMP and XM8. Additionally, a new weapon” MAC10” is added to the game replacing the default SMG. Here is a quick look at the new adjustment made to the arsenal in Garena Free Fire.

Range adjustments  

  • UMP: Effective range -5 percent
  • MP5: Effective range -3 percent
  • Thompson: Effective range -3 percent
  • UZI: Effective range -5 percent
  • MAG-7: Effective range -3 percent

Weapons adjustment

  • SCAR- Recoil: -10 percent
  • M60: -30 percent
  • UMP: Reload time: +5 percent
  • XM8: Reload time: +5 percent
  • MP5-X: Rate of fire: +5 percent
  • Kar98k: Rate of fire: +10 percent
  • Groza: Armor Penetration +20 percent

Free Fire New Age Patch Notes: gameplay optimisation

The new update also brings significant changes to the game, making it more optimised for mobile devices. The optimisation includes better graphics, a cooldown display, and much more. You can check out all the new improvements below. 

  • Assist notifications on the HUD
  • Pin more targets with enhanced Pin Marker 
  • Freelook during parachuting with a clean and polished HUD
  • 2-in-1 sprinting option combined in one (optional)
  • Set up minimum Clash Squad rank for applicants in your guild
  • Radio commands will now blink on the minimap
  • Default Gloo Walls in Training Grounds’ 
  • Optimised Universal Fragments’ display
  • Custom rooms support Hardcore mode
  • Optimised animations for melee weapons and battle tags
  • Increase visibility out the play zone
  • Better parachuting cooldowns in Battle Royale mode
  • Add aliases for subordinates
  • Special effects for weapons and skins will not trigger in combat
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