Free Fire OB28 update: how to download and new features

It’s time to move from Free Fire OB28 Advance Server to the active server. The Free Fire OB28 update is now live. After introducing Free Fire Advance Server last month, Garena has now released the final version of the update. It means all Free Fire players and enthusiasts can jump to OB28 update right now.

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The fans of Free Fire would know that the game was under maintenance ahead of release of this update. The game publisher had posted on its Facebook page that the game will be under maintenance from 9am to 6pm today. Now, the server is back online and it brings with it the OB28 update.

Free Fire OB28 update: how to download and install

If you have Free Fire already installed in your smartphone then all you need to do is visit the respective app stores to get the latest version. If you are new then you can simply download the update and you will immediately be accessing the latest update. Here is how it works:

  • Open Google Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.
  • Search for Garena Free Fire.
  • If you are new to the game then you will see Install or Get option.
  • If you have already installed the game then you will see Update option.

Once you download and install or update the game, you will be playing the Free Fire OB28 update.

Free Fire OB28 update: login rewards

As part of this update, Free Fire is offering login rewards to all the players who log in between June 9th and June 13th. There will be a series of rewards offered to players who login during the dates mentioned. In order to claim these rewards, players need to visit the events section of the game and click on “Update for Rewards” to claim these rewards:

  • 2x Diamond Royale vouchers
  • 2x Weapon Royale Vouchers

Free Fire OB28 update: list of new features

With Free Fire OB28 update, the players and enthusiasts will be able to experience the game with new features including Clash Squad Season 7. There is new pet rumble, new weapon, grenades HUD, weapon stats adjustment and more. Here is a look at some of the new features:

Dr. Beanie (New Pet)

We have seen the game get a new pet with the release of every new advance server. With the release of Free Fire OB28 Advance Server, we now have a new pet called Dr. Beanie. The pet is described as “He insists on everyone calling him Dr. He is not one, though.”

The skill of this new pet is called ‘Dashy Duckwalk’, which reportedly buffs the movement speed in the crouch position by 30 percent. At the highest level, the increase in speed is said to be around 60 percent.

D-Bee (New character)

Characters play a central role in Free Fire and Garena is known for frequently expanding the number of characters available in the game. With the Free Fire OB28 update, the players and enthusiasts can look forward to seeing a new character called D-Bee. This character is described by the developer as a “music maker and street dancer.”

The D-Bee character comes with a passive ability that increases the movement speed and accuracy by a certain percentage while moving. The increment in movement speed is initially limited to 35 percent. However, with the increase in level, the movement speed can improve by 70 percent with the new character.

New Weapons

In addition to new characters and pets, Free Fire OB28 Advance Server update also brings two new firearms named Kingfisher and Uzi. The Kingfisher is an AR but its key states haven’t been revealed by the developer yet. However, it is said to offer a very high fire rate, which makes it a potent weapon.

Uzi needs no introduction and in Free Fire, the firearm is finally being made available to the players. The firearm uses HG ammo and is appearing in the pistol slot. Like few other weapons, the Uzi boasts a very high fire rate and will be effective for firing in close range combat.

Changes in Settings panel

In addition to above mentioned changes, Free Fire is also making some adjustments to the settings panel of the game. The entire UI of the Settings panel has been revamped with the goal of making the game more accessible. With the OB28 update, Free Fire players and enthusiasts will see new options for the run mode and grenade shot.

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