Free Fire OB29 update: new features, update size, how to download and more

Free Fire OB29 update, the next major release from Garena, is set to roll out soon. The update is expected to hit Free Fire players on August 6th and with this new update, the gamers and enthusiasts will be able to access a number of new features. The onus of this update is simply elevated to a whole new level since it marks game publisher Garena’s fourth anniversary celebration.

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With this new update, Garena is promising to bring new characters, pets and weapons. There will also be a new redeem code released to players that will allow them to get their hands on in-game collectibles without having to pay for them. Ahead of this release, Garena has already begun the usual server maintenance. Here is everything you need to know about the Garena Free Fire OB29 update.

Free Fire OB29 update: new features

Free Fire OB29 Update

Free Fire OB29 Update is expected to roll out on August 6th

The Free Fire OB29 update is the next major update for Garena’s popular battle royale game. The last major update was called Free Fire OB28 and it was released in June. We know that Free Fire pushes out a major update once every two months and it is now time for the release of OB29 Ahead of the release of this version, Garena has released the patch note revealing all the new features coming to the game.

Lone Wolf

The Free Fire OB29 update brings a new game mode called Lone Wolf that will be available on the new map called Iron Cage. “In this mode, you can play against another player in an intense, best of nine 1v1 battle to see who is the better player. Challenge yourself to survive in the Iron Cage,” Garena said in its release note.

The Lone Wolf Mode will see the first player winning five rounds deemed as the Lone Wolf champion. It is a big departure from the game’s classic battle royale game mode. With games like Battlegrounds Mobile India diversifying gameplay, Garena does not want to stay behind. The OB29 update is proof that Garena is preparing to diversify Free Fire for its gamers.

Free Fire OB29 update brings a new game mode called Lone Wolf

Clash Squad

The Free Fire OB29 update also brings Clash Squad Season 8 and with rank up to Gold III or above, the players will receive the Clash Squad exclusive item of “The Golden AN94”. The new rank season will be available from 2.30pm on August 5th to 29th September. “We understand that it has always been a pain to ask teammates for a weapon in Clash Squad. This patch, we are introducing a feature that allows you to request your team to purchase an item directly to your inventory,” Garena said in its release note.

After the OB29 update, players will be able to display their backpacks in Clash Squad from the Vault. There is also an increase in total rank points output in the battle royale and Garena has also added a token count display inside the backpack menu. Another feature being added is Grenade Range in the Training Grounds.

New characters and pets: Dimitri, Thiva and more

With the release of the Garena Free Fire OB29 update, Free Fire is also bringing a new character called Dimitri. With his active skill called Healing Heartbeat, Dimitri will be able to assist his downed teammates to recover themselves while providing cover by staying in the battle. Garena notes that Dimitri creates a 3.5m healing zone where users and allies recover 3HP/s. When downed, users and allies can self-recover to get up.

There is also a new character called Thiva, described as a newcomer who can help recover fallen teammates rapidly in battle. “With his passive skill, Vital Vibes, he can greatly reduce the time it takes to help-up his teammates in dangerous situations.” Other new characters coming to the game are Jota, Luqueta, Shani and Alvaro. There is also a new pet called Sensei Tig that reduces the duration of enemies’ man-marking skills.

Free Fire OB29 Update also brings update to weapons system

AC80 weapon and weapon upgrades

Apart from new features, characters and pets, Free Fire is also introducing new weapons as part of the OB29 update. The first new weapon is called AC80, which is a new marksman rifle available in Clash Squad and Battle Royale. It allows for piercing shots and the weapon can take down enemies equipped with heavy armours. In addition, you will also see upgrades to weapons where M4A1 can now be upgraded by using the M4 chip. There is also stat improvement for UZI, XM8, SPAS12, Vector and M1887.

Optimisations and bug fixes

If you are a Free Fire player then these updates will define your experience in the game. However, there are other changes as well including updated gameplay and system including lobby rework. There is optimisation for different ammo and likes received at the end of the match will be shown at the match results page. Garena has also optimized multi-kill announcements and added a queue for the 1v1 ring in the Training Grounds.

Free Fire OB29 update: how to download and install

Free Fire OB29 update will be available as a free download to all users. If you have Free Fire already installed in your smartphone then all you need to do is visit the respective app stores to get the latest version. If you are new then you can simply download the update and you will immediately be accessing the latest update. Here’s how:

  • Open Google Play Store or App Store on your smartphone.
  • Search for Garena Free Fire.
  • If you are new to the game then you will see the Install or Get option.
  • If you have already installed the game then you will see the Update option.
  • Once you download and install or update the game, you will be playing the Free Fire OB28 update.

Free Fire OB29 update release date and time

At the time of writing, the Free Fire OB29 update seems to have already begun rolling on Android. The update brings features such as Clash Squad, improvements to lobby, new weapon AC80 and more. However, there are things are new game mode called Lone Wolf, which will be available soon. The download is about 600MB and if you download the latest update but cannot not enjoy the game then do note that it could be because of the slow expansion of server access.

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