Garena Free Fire report center: how to submit a request and report hackers through Free Fire support

Free Fire has over 100 million daily active users. With these many players, it’s no wonder that cheaters will try their best to manipulate the game and win matches using unethical methods. These hackers use scripts, programs and cheats to win the matches and gain rewards for doing so. We’ve seen these similar hackers on BGMI, PUBG: Mobile and other battle royale games in the past, and Free Fire is no different.

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These hacks bring down the morale of other Free Fire players and also commit acts of fraud with the gaming community. Now, if you’ve played Free Fire before you must have seen some players using supernatural speeds, uneven headshots, and being immortal. Free Fire has been preventing the use of hacks by banning players, teams and suspicious accounts that seem abnormal. 

How to report hackers in Free Fire through Report Center

Free Fire Help Center is the hub of everything related to hackers, reporting, and account issues. Players who find unpleasant gaming experiences or witness a hack being used can report the incident to the Free Fire Help Center. Garena takes several measures for such accounts, and upon finding the defaulters, the South Korean gaming company suspends their account and bans them from the game.

Here is how to report hackers/cheaters inside Garena Free Fire:

  1. Open Google Chrome or any other web browser on your computer/smartphone
  2. Type ‘’ in the URL bar and press Enter
  3. Once you’re on the website, type in your Free Fire login credentials and sign in to your user account
  4. Choose your game server from the list. (e.g. India sever)
  5. Fill in your Free Fire account UID and your Free Fire Nickname
  6. Choose ‘Hacker report’ from the dropdown list
  7. Provide all the details requested in the form and provide proof of the hack

How to report hackers in Free Fire using in-game channel

Sometimes, reporting players using Free Fire Help Center might not the best choice. When you are on a Free Fire spree then it is not feasible to leave the game and report players on the Free Fire Help Center. It simply takes more time, and that’s why Garena allow players to report hackers using the in-game channel as well. Here is how you can report hackers and cheaters in Free Fire through the in-game channel.

  1. When you spot a hacker or a hack being used in the game, open the player’s profile
  2. Tap on the exclamation mark button
  3. File a cheat report and state the reason why you think the other player is using a hack
  4. If found guilty, Garena will suspend or ban the defaulter’s account

Free Fire: actions that can get you banned

Though Garena provides an ample opportunity for players to report hackers and cheaters, there are other factors that can result in your account being banned on Free Fire. Garena recently shared the list of offences that leads to a ban in Free Fire. This is the stripped-down version of the points made in the Free Fire offences list that you can use to maintain a healthy environment for players and communities in the game.

  • Using modified or unauthorised game clients
  • Using unauthorised tools that interact with Free Fire game clients
  • Using hacks, modes, and scripts to gain an unfair advantage in the game
  • Modifying model files inside the game
  • Exploiting glitches and in-game bugs
  • Getting mass reported on your account
  • Getting detected for abnormal gameplay
  • Bypassing Free Fire anti-hack system via illicit local data transfer
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