Free Fire Therion Wheel event: how to get the Frost Sabertooth bundle

Free Fire‘s newest event is called the Therion Wheel and players stand a chance to win the Sabertooth bundle. The event is running from June 11th till June 17th and with these events, players stand a chance to win skins, costume and other items.

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Players can acquire the Frost Sabertooth bundle by spending diamonds. It’s worth noting that the reward can be won at random by making the spin and it is based on the gamer’s luck. Apart from the exclusive bundle reward, there are also eight other items that can be won. Read on to know how to get the Frost Sabertooth bundle reward. 

Free Fire Frost Sabertooth

Free Fire Therion Wheel event: what is it?

As mentioned earlier, the Therion Wheel event ends on June 17th. Here’s a list of rewards that you can win from the prize pool.

  • Frost Sabertooth bundle
  • Pet food
  • Resupply map playcard
  • The stormbringer parachute
  • Star general weapon loot crate
  • Disease surfboard
  • Diamond royale voucher
  • Cube fragment.

Free Fire Therion Wheel event: how to win Frost Sabertooth bundle

When you enter the Therion Wheel event, you will need to select two items that you don’t wish to win. After selecting, players can make the spin to get one reward at random. The first spin is free and each item that you win will be removed from the prize pool.

However, the diamond price for your spin will increase in ascending order. As a Free Fire player you would know that each spin costs at least 19 diamonds. In this case, the diamond price increases from 19, 19, 29, 39, 69, 99, 199 and 499. Garena says that players can win Frost Sabertooth bundle after a maximum of 8 spins. Check the steps below on how to access the Therion Wheel in the game. 

  • Open Garena Free Fire game on your smartphone.
  • Select the ‘Lucky Royale’ option on the left side of the screen
  • Select the Therion Wheel event and choose two items that you don’t want to obtain. 
  • Now tap on the Spin button to earn Frost Sabertooth bundle.
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