Get Dynamic Island on your Android phone with this free app 


  • The free version has some limitations, but provides access to most features
  • Users can unlock additional features by making an in-app purchase
  • The app can leverage the notch to display notifications and phone status changes

The Dynamic Island feature showcased on the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max variants has taken the internet by storm since its announcement earlier this month. It was only a matter of time before this iPhone-exclusive feature made its way to Android in some form. While Xiaomi and Realme already offer their own version of Dynamic Island for Android, there are apps that can serve this purpose, too. One such app is known as dynamicSpot and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store right now.

It is fairly easy to use and only takes a couple of steps to activate. Users are required to go through all the required permissions, including notifications access, and select apps that they want to use the notch for notifications. Its performance could vary depending on the hardware you own, but it seems to operate without any trouble on the Pixel 6a.

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There are extensive customization options included as well, enabling users to adjust the size of the popups, their behaviour, and more. The free version does not support dynamic notifications on the lock screen, but this particular feature, in addition to a bunch of other additions, can be acquired with a one-time payment of Rs 99 via the Play Store.

This is a simpler solution than downloading a specific theme for the purpose. The app’s description reads, “dynamicSpot gives you Dynamic Island mini multitasking feature, making it easier to access recent notifications or phone status changes.”

What Is Dynamic Island?

This feature leverages the standard iPhone notch and expands it based on the type of notifications or device status changes, like when pairing AirPods or when the battery is low.

The dynamicSpot app is certainly a good place to start, though it’s nowhere close to the original, for obvious reasons. Based on the popularity of Dynamic Island, Android OEMs have already begun developing their versions of the feature for upcoming devices.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: MySmartPrice