Gmail Gets a Design as Well as a Functional Overhaul: All You Need to Know

Gmail is one of the most popular web clients actively used by over 1 billion users worldwide. It is set to get a major design as well as functional overhaul. The service provided by Google was launched in April of 2004 and it will mark its 14th anniversary this month. Over the years, Google redefined how mail is handled, be it improving handling of spam emails or alerting users about emails coming from questionable sources.

The California-based search giant is set to make a couple of new changes which include:

Offline Support

Gmail is all set to get native offline support which will allow users to smart search through their Inbox, reply to emails (save as draft till connected to the internet), delete and archive emails. Although some features already existed previously, it’s good to see that the email client and application will allow more flexibility for users.

Confidential Mode

This is an all-new feature being introduced and probably the biggest change that will come up with the new update. This feature adds a couple of new security layers to the emails you send.

To start with, you can now send disappearing emails, which is analogous to pictures sent over Snapchat. Users can send emails with an expiry time. What this means is that after the recipient has opened the email, it will disappear! So if you intend something like a password, for example, and don’t want it to remain on digital memory, this option is your solution.

The next feature under the confidential mode is password itself. That’s right, you can now password protect the emails you send. This would require the recipient to have a password to open the email you send. This is especially essential if you are looking to send information you really don’t want to end up on the wrong computer.

Finally, Gmail has also updated the Information Rights Management tool which will prevent copying, downloading, forwarding or printing email content if the sender wishes to use the option.

The confidential mode feature is set to roll-out slowly to all users over the coming weeks.

Smart Unsubscribe and Notification Controls

Smart unsubscribe is a feature that’s not exactly new to iOS users using the native mail app. Gmail, although late to the party will also now allow users to smartly unsubscribe to commercial newsletters sent through email. Gmail already segregates promotional email and can be sent straight to the promotions folder, but the addition of smartly unsubscribing to them is definitely welcome.

Notifications in the Gmail app is also set to undergo a couple of changes. The first one is the app now allowing users to smartly prioritize which email is important and which is not. This will then show up notifications from only important senders and save the users’ time by not opening emails that are not so important.

Better Integration with other Google Services

Apart from Gmail, the California-based giant serves users with a host of other services like Google Drive, Sheets, Docs and others. While these services are already linked to Gmail, the newly updated app will provide direct access to 3 vital services – Keep, Calendar and Tasks directly through prominent icons in the interface. The icon suite is expected to accommodate Sheets and Docs as well in the upcoming updates.

Quick Action Tools

Currently, both the Gmail for web and the application allow users to quickly archive emails only. This is set to get better with some new options that are set to come which include Snooze, Mark as read and quick delete. This will make the interface more streamlined and easy to use. In addition to that, if an email contains an attachment, it will be visible under the email in the Inbox view itself, allowing quicker access without opening the email.

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