Gmail calls: how to make voice and video calls from Gmail app on Android and iOS mobiles


  • Gmail users can now make one-on-one calls directly from Gmail
  • Users no longer need to send a Google Meet link for a call
  • As of now, users can only make one on one calls on Gmail

Google is finally rolling out video and voice calling through the Gmail app on Android and iOS platforms. First announced in September last year, the feature is now available to Google Workspace, G Suite, and personal Google account holders. With this new feature, Google is integrating its communication services within its email client.

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In the past, if one had to make a call over Gmail, they would have to send a Google Meet video conferencing call. This certainly was kinda over-the-top for a simple one-on-one call between two people. However, with the new feature update, Google is making the process much simpler. Here is what the new feature is all about and how to use it.

What is one on one calls in Gmail?

Google users can now make voice and video calls directly from Gmail app

Google users can now make voice and video calls directly from the Gmail app

As mentioned before, up until now if users had to make a voice or video call, it involved sending a Google Meet video conferencing call invite. The recipient will then receive a link to join the call, which will redirect them to the Google Meet app for the call. The entire process was quite cumbersome unlike other IM applications, which offered one-click calling to their users.

It seems Google is now taking a leaf out of these apps’ interface. Gmail users can now directly make one-on-one calls including voice and video from the chat window. The company has embedded two new buttons in the chat interface for calling.

How to make voice and video calls from the Gmail app

Initiating the video or voice call from the Gmail app is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps below to make calls from the Gmail app.

  1. Open Gmail app on your Android or iOS mobile
  2. Go to the Chat tab
  3. Click on any contact you want to call
  4. Tap on the phone icon for voice calls
  5. Tap on the camera icon for video calls

When you are on a call with someone, it will show a blue icon next to that user in the Chat tab. Likewise, if you miss a call from a contact, you’ll see a missed call icon in the Chat tab. If you’re using a third-party email client and receive a Gmail call, you’ll be directed to the Gmail app. In case you don’t have Gmail installed, you’ll be prompted to install it in order to take the call.

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