Google 3D Animals and AR objects: Baby Yoda and other creatures, how to view, supported smartphones and more

Google introduced its 3D Animals feature last year at its Google I/O 2019 event. As is evident from the name, it allows users to see AR animals in augmented reality. The Mountain View giant launched the Google 3D Animals and AR objects feature with a handful of animals but has since expanded the list to more 3D animals, dinosaurs, objects and even planets.

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Google has not only expanded the list of AR animals and objects but also functionalities like video recording tools and quick shortcuts to other 3D animals as well. Users can choose to view AR animals on their phone screen and interact with them. Alternatively, they can view AR animals and objects in their surroundings using AR. Here’s everything to know about the Google 3D animals and AR objects.

Google 3D animals and AR 0bjects: new additions including Baby Yoda

Google Search now lets you see Baby Yoda in 3D

Google Search now lets you see Grogu or Baby Yoda in 3D

Google has recently added Grogu, ‘The Child’ or ‘Baby Yoda’ from The Mandalorian in Search, joining the long list of 3D animals and objects. In order to see Baby Yoda or Grogu in search by looking up Grogu. You’ll be able to see a new ‘See the Child in your space’ card with the View in 3D button.

The Google Search will first show a 3D model with adorable sound effects when zoomed in or out and rotated. There are also effects like blinking eyes, tilting head, wiggling ears and slight movement. Press on the ‘View in 3D button’ and you will be able to see Grogu in your surrounding through the display and interact with it.

Additionally, Google has also added 50 new AR animals to discover on Search. These include hippo, giraffe, milk cow, cat, zebra, pig, and chow chow. Google has not disclosed the complete list of animals but a lot more dogs and cats have also been include. Some of the new Google 3D animals are listed below:

  1. Beagle
  2. Border Collie
  3. Bulldog
  4. Cane Corso
  5. Chihuahua
  6. Coyote
  7. Daschund
  8. Doberman
  9. Donkey
  10. Fennec Fox
  11. German Shepherd
  12. Giraffe
  13. Hamster
  14. Hippopotamus
  15. Kitten
  16. Milk Cow
  17. Ox
  18. Pig
  19. Pitbull
  20. Ragdoll
  21. Red Panda
  22. Siberian Husky
  23. Sphynx Cat
  24. Welsh Corgi
  25. Zebra

Google 3D animals and AR 0bjects: what is it?

With Google 3D animals, we can estimate their actual size in relation to things around us

With Google 3D animals, we can estimate their actual size in relation to things around us

The Google 3D animals and AR objects are Google’s way of letting users watch and experience animals and other objects from the comfort of their homes. At I/O 2019, Google emphasised on how it provides a sense of scale and detail to be able to see the 3D animals and objects up close in a user’s surroundings. At the event, Google stated that while it’s one thing to know that a great white shark can be 18 feet long, and whole other thing to see it up close in relation to things in your home by means of AR animals technology.

How to view Google 3D animals and AR objects

With Google 3D animals, we can estimate their actual size in relation to things around us

With Google 3D animals, we can estimate their actual size in relation to things around us

All you need to do in order to watch 3D animals or objects is to search for them in Google using the browser on your phone. Here’s a step-wise procedure to view AR animals on your smartphone:

  • Open the web browser (Chrome/Safari) on your smartphone
  • Type the name of the 3D animal you want to view
  • If the animal’s name you have typed is in the list of 3D animals, you will be able to see the ‘View in 3D’ button
  • Tap on the button to see the 3D animal in life-size
  • To see the AR Animal in your surroundings, Android users need to click on ‘View in your space’ and iOS users have to tap on ‘AR’
  • The 3D animal feature will then require users to follow some on-screen instructions
  • Once done, you will be able to see AR animal in your surroundings

Google 3D animals and AR objects: list of animals and objects

Google has categorised the animals and 3D objects in the following categories:

  1. Land 3D animals
  2. Underwater and wetland 3D animals
  3. Birds
  4. Housepets
  5. Human anatomical systems
  6. Body parts
  7. Planets
  8. Moons
  9. Dinosaurs
  10. Insects

Land animals

This category includes all animals that are found on the land. The list of 3D animals inhabiting land includes the tiger, giant panda, leopard, goat, cheetah, pony, brown bear, timber wolf, shetland pony, python, arabian horse, raccoon, hedgehog, deer and more.

Underwater and wetland animals

The underwater and wetland 3D animals include mallard duck, alligator, great white shark, octopus, angler fish and sea turtle.


If you are a fan of birds, Google 3D animals let you get up close with a macaw, emperor penguin and eagle.


Google also offers house pets as par of 3D Animals for those who love them but cannot have them for some reason. You can see and interact with pomeranian, golden retriever, labrador, rottweiler, french bulldog, pug and cat in your space with the 3D animals feature.


If you have an interest in dinosaurs and want to see how they looked like or how big they were actually, Google has added an extensive list of dinosaurs to 3D animals. Some popular inclusions are the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon and Parasaurolophus.


Google has recently introduced a section of insects as well to its AR animals section, which will appeal to Entomologists. The list includes the rhinoceros beetle, hercules beetle, atlas beetle, robust cicada, mantis, grasshopper and more.

Human anatomical systems

There’s also an extensive list of human anatomy, which lets users explore various systems in the human body. These include the digestive system, respiratory system, endocrine system, female reproductive system, nervous system, lymphatic system, male reproductive system and more.

Body Parts

Google also lets users look at various body parts in AR, which comes in handy while teaching children basic human anatomy. The list includes the brain, coccyx, cranial nerve, ear, eye, foot, hair, hand, heart, lung, mouth, muscle flexion, small intestine, big intestine, stomach and more.


Those interested can also check out all nine planets of our Solar System in 3D within their living room. These include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.


There’s also an entire curated list of moons of various planets that you can check out in your living room. You can check out Moon (Earth), Phobos (Mars), Deimos (Mars), Europa (Jupiter), Callisto (Jupiter), Ganymede (Jupiter), Titan (Saturn), Mimas (Saturn), Tethys (Saturn), Iapetus (Saturn), Hyperion (Saturn), Umbriel (Uranus), Titania (Uranus), Oberon (Uranus), Ariel (Uranus) and Triton (Neptune).

Apart from these, Google also lets you view objects like mitochondrion, chemistry terms like a covalent bond, biology objects like a red blood cell, and physics terms like Solenoid, among others. Google has also added cars to the objects including the Volvo XC90 and Volvo S60.

Google 3D animals and AR objects: sound

Some Google 3D animals have accompanying sounds. On an Android device, you can hear the roar of the tiger, hissing of the ball python, bark of golden retriever and more. Not all animals have sounds, like fish and rabbit for example, which don’t have any defining sound associated with them. However, the sounds appear to be working fine only on Android devices as of now. There have been reports that the accompanying sounds don’t work on Apple devices. Speaking of supported smartphones, find below the list of all devices, which support Google 3D animals and AR objects.

Google 3D animals and AR objects: list of supported smartphones

Google has not specified any list of smartphones that support 3D animals and AR objects. However, to be able to experience the AR animals feature as intended, users need to have smartphones with support for ARCore. Android users will need to have a smartphone with Android 7 Nougat and above. For Apple users, they need to have an iPhone 6s or older with iOS 11 or above. Sadly, the feature only works on smartphones, and laptop or desktop users will not be able to experience the 3D or AR function.

Below is the list of smartphones, which officially support Google 3D animals and AR objects:



AppleiPhone 11
AppleiPhone 11 Pro
AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max
AppleiPhone XR
AppleiPhone XS and XS Max
AppleiPhone X
AppleiPhone 8 and 8 Plus
AppleiPhone 7 and 7 Plus
AppleiPhone 6S and 6S Plus
AppleiPhone SE
AppleiPad Air 3rd Generation
AppleiPad mini 5th Generation
Apple12.9-in. iPad Pro (1st Generation)
Apple12.9-in. iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
Apple12.9-in. iPad Pro (3rd Generation)
Apple11-in. iPad Pro
Apple10.5-in. iPad Pro
Apple9.7-in. iPad Pro
AppleiPad (7th Generation)
AppleiPad (6th Generation)
AppleiPad (5th Generation)
AppleiPod touch (7th Generation)
AsusROG Phone
AsusROG Phone II
AsusZenfone 6
AsusZenfone AR
AsusZenfone ARES
AsusGM 9 Plus
AsusNexus 5X
AsusNexus 6P
AsusPixel XL
GooglePixel 2
GooglePixel 2 XL
GooglePixel 3
GooglePixel 3 XL
GooglePixel 3a
GooglePixel 3a XL
GooglePixel 4
GooglePixel 4 XL
HMD GlobalNokia 6 (2018)
HMD GlobalNokia 6.1 Plus
HMD GlobalNokia 6.2
HMD GlobalNokia 7 Plus
HMD GlobalNokia 7.1
HMD GlobalNokia 7.2
HMD GlobalNokia 8
HMD GlobalNokia 8 Sirocco
HMD GlobalNokia 8.1
HuaweiHonor 8X
HuaweiHonor 10
HuaweiHonor View 10 Lite
HuaweiHonor V20
HuaweiMate 20 Lite
HuaweiMate 20
HuaweiMate 20 Pro
HuaweiMate 20 X
HuaweiNova 3
HuaweiNova 3i
HuaweiNova 4
HuaweiP20 Pro
HuaweiP30 Pro
HuaweiPorsche Design Mate RS
HuaweiPorsche Design Mate 20 RS
HuaweiY9 2019
Infinix MobileNote 6
Infinix MobileNote 7
KyoceraTorque G04
LGG7 Fit
LGG7 One
LGG7 ThinQ
LGG8 ThinQ
LGG Pad 5 10.1 FHD
LGStylo 5
LGLG Signature Edition 2017
LGV35 ThinQ
LGLG Signature Edition 2018
LGV40 ThinQ
LGV50 ThinQ
LGV50S ThinQ
LGLG Signature Edition 2019
LGV60 ThinQ 5G
MotorolaMoto G5s plus
MotorolaMoto G6
MotorolaMoto G6 Plus
MotorolaMoto G7
MotorolaMoto G7 Play
MotorolaMoto G7 Plus
MotorolaMoto G7 Power
MotorolaMoto G7 Play
MotorolaMoto G8
MotorolaMoto G8 Play
MotorolaMoto G8 Plus
MotorolaMoto G8 Powet
MotorolaMoto G Power
MotorolaMoto G Stylus
MotorolaMotorola Edge
MotorolaMotorola Edge Plus
MotorolaMotorola One
MotorolaMotorola One Action
MotorolaMotorola One Hyper
MotorolaMotorola One Macro
MotorolaMotorola One Power
MotorolaMotorola One Vision
MotorolaMotorola One Zoom
MotorolaMoto X4
MotorolaMoto Z2 Force
MotorolaMoto Z3
MotorolaMoto Z3 Play
OnePlusOnePlus 3T
OnePlusOnePlus 5
OnePlusOnePlus 5T
OnePlusOnePlus 6
OnePlusOnePlus 6T
OnePlusOnePlus 7
OnePlusOnePlus 7 Pro
OnePlusOnePlus 7 Pro 5G
OnePlusOnePlus 7T
OnePlusOnePlus 7T Pro
OnePlusOnePlus 8
OnePlusOnePlus 8 Pro
OppoF11 Pro
OppoFind X2
OppoFind X2 Pro
OppoR17 Pro
OppoReno2 F
OppoReno2 Z
OppoReno3 5G
OppoReno3 Pro
OppoReno3 Pro 5G
OppoReno 10x Zoom
OppoReno A
OppoReno Z
RealmeRealme 5
RealmeRealme 5 Pro
RealmeRealme 6
RealmeRealme 6 Pro
RealmeRealme Q
RealmeRealme X
RealmeRealme X Lite
RealmeRealme XT
RealmeRealme X2
RealmeRealme X2 Pro
SamsungGalaxy A3 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy A5 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy A6 (2018)
SamsungGalaxy A7 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy A7 (2018)
SamsungGalaxy A8
SamsungGalaxy A8+ (2018)
SamsungGalaxy A30
SamsungGalaxy A31
SamsungGalaxy A40
SamsungGalaxy A41
SamsungGalaxy A50
SamsungGalaxy A50s
SamsungGalaxy A51
SamsungGalaxy A51 5G
SamsungGalaxy A60
SamsungGalaxy A70
SamsungGalaxy A70s
SamsungGalaxy A71
SamsungGalaxy A71 5G
SamsungGalaxy A80
SamsungGalaxy A90 5G
SamsungGalaxy Fold
SamsungGalaxy J5 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy J5 Pro
SamsungGalaxy J7 (2017)
SamsungGalaxy J7 Pro
SamsungGalaxy M21
SamsungGalaxy M30s
SamsungGalaxy M31
SamsungGalaxy Note8
SamsungGalaxy Note9
SamsungGalaxy Note10
SamsungGalaxy Note10 5G
SamsungGalaxy Note10+
SamsungGalaxy Note10+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy Note10 Lite
SamsungGalaxy S7
SamsungGalaxy S7 edge
SamsungGalaxy S8
SamsungGalaxy S8+
SamsungGalaxy S9 Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S9 Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S9+ Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S9+ Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S10e Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S10e Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S10 Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S10 Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S10+ Exynos
SamsungGalaxy S10+ Qualcomm
SamsungGalaxy S10 5G
SamsungGalaxy S10 Lite
SamsungGalaxy S20
SamsungGalaxy S20+ 5G
SamsungGalaxy S20 Ultra 5G
SamsungGalaxy Tab Active Pro
SamsungGalaxy Tab S3
SamsungGalaxy Tab S4
SamsungGalaxy Tab S5e
SamsungGalaxy Tab S6
SamsungGalaxy Tab S6 Lite
SamsungGalaxy XCover Pro
SamsungGalaxy Z Flip
SharpAQUOS sense3
SharpAQUOS sense3 basic
SharpAQUOS sense3 plus
SharpAQUOS zero2
SonyXperia XZ Premium
SonyXperia XZ1
SonyXperia XZ1 Compact
SonyXperia XZ2
SonyXperia XZ2 Compact
SonyXperia XZ2 Premium
SonyXperia XZ3
SonyXperia 1
SonyXperia 1 Professional Edition
SonyXperia 5
SonyXperia 1 II
TecnoCamon 12 Pro
TecnoPhantom 9
VivoNex 3
VivoNex 3 5G
VivoNEX Dual Display Edition
VivoiQOO 3 5G
WikoView 3 Pro
XiaomiMi 8
XiaomiMi 8 SE
XiaomiMi 9
XiaomiMi 9 SE
XiaomiMi 10
XiaomiMi 10 Lite 5G
XiaomiMi 10 Pro
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
XiaomiTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
ZebraTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
ZebraTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
ZebraTC77 WWAN Touch Computer
ZebraTC77 WWAN Touch Computer

Google 3D Animals FAQs

How do I get Google 3D animals?

On your phone, search for any animal in Google Search. If Google has the 3D version of that particular animal, you’ll see a ‘View in 3D’ button. Tap on if and you will be able to see the 3D result in AR and interact with it.

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