Google Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Entry-Level Phones Released

In May 2017, at the annual Google I/O conference, the company announced two new Android versions named as Android O and Android Go. 3 months later, Android O finally matured to become Android Oreo and was released to the public. Android Go, however, was not spoken about until today. At the Google for India event today, the search engine giant finally launched the new mobile OS dubbed as Android Oreo (Go edition).

What comes different with the new Go Edition?

The Go Edition of Android Oreo is basically a more toned down version. It is more optimised for low-priced smartphones. Android Oreo (Go Edition) has been specially designed for phones packing in less than 1GB of RAM. Currently, Android Oreo is found on flagship devices like the Pixel and Pixel 2 series. The Nokia 8 and the OnePlus 3 Series also received the Oreo update recently (which are also high-end smartphones). Entry-level smartphones haven’t received Oreo and are unlikely to get it either. This changes with Android Oreo’s Go Edition which is primarily aimed at such devices.

How does it manage to do so?

The lite version of Oreo is made up of three main components which include the OS, the Google Play Store, and Google Apps. To start with, the operating system will come with a more lightweight version of the Play Store. The store will also offer apps which are optimised for this version of Android, which according to Google consumes up to 50% less space.

Google has also improved upon the file storage management with this Android version. The company will ensure all phones that roll out with this variant of Android come with the new file-management app called Files Go. This app will help in better management of user files.

In addition to that, upcoming phones that will be powered by Android Go will come with Google’s data saving features turned on by default. This allows for better control over apps that consume data in the background. Google has also claimed that this version of Android Oreo is the most secure version of Android yet, owing to the deep integration of Google Play Protect.

When can we expect to see it?

Android Oreo (Go edition) is expected to roll out for developers starting tomorrow. With that said, the first phones to ship with this Android variant will be from Google’s partner OEMs. You can expect phones with Android Oreo Go to start rolling out in the coming months.

India is currently one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. In this market, a large portion of consumers are looking to buy entry level and mimid-range phones for whom this announcement by Google should be exciting!