Google Contacts Now Lets You Set Illustrations As Contact Picture


  • Illustrations on Google Contacts are live now.
  • You can set illustrations as display pictures for any contacts.
  • Illustrations are highly customisable.

Google Contacts Illustrations

Google Contacts now lets you add illustrations as contact display pictures. This feature was previously available in Gmail; now, it is available in the Google Contacts app on Android. Previously in Gmail, you could create a profile picture with Illustrations. Now, you can make display pictures for anyone in your contacts.

If you open the Google Contacts app on your Android and edit a contact to add a picture, you’ll see a new tab called illustrations beside the Google Photos and Device Photos options on the add image page.

Google Contacts Illustrations

You can select from various illustrations to add to the display picture. There are various types of illustrations that you can choose from, such as:

  • Nature
  • Cities and Places
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Hobbies and Interests

You can also explore from a selection of curated illustrations such as Domestic dogs and cats, Water sports, Musical instruments, Marine animals, Jungle and forest mammals, Mythical creatures and more.

What’s interesting about these illustrations is that you can also customise their illustrations as you like.

Google Contacts Illustrations 2

Once you select an illustration for setting as a display picture, you can see three options: Filters & Quick Crop, Colourise and Crop & Rotate.

With Filters, you can change the illustration by the preset filters. And with Quick Crop, you can crop the image with a preset crop that it presents. On the next tab, the Colourise option will let you change various colours in the illustration to the ones you like. The last tab enables you to crop, zoom and rotate the image as you would like.

Google also added a new feature to Google Contacts, Highlights. It shows the recently viewed Contacts and the newly added ones. It also co-exists with Favourite contacts.