Google Duo Will Allow You To Place Audio Only Calls ‘Soon’

Google announced its new video call service, Duo this week. The application since has gone from ‘Pre-registration’ to full release in a matter of a few days. Duo was made available for download in India on 17th of August. The application basically works on your mobile number and lets you make a Duo call to anyone from your phonebook, given that they have the application installed on their phone. Duo is available both, on Android and iOS.


One of the best features of the application is that it is easily able to adapt to the kind of network you are on. It can also seamlessly switch between WiFi and Cellular data when your WiFi connectivity is poor. Not just this, the application also reduces the video quality and even turns your call into an audio-only call when it senses that the data connection is poor. Even though, there is a fallback to an audio call, you cannot place just an audio call on Duo, like you can on the likes of Skype or even WhatsApp right now.

That is going to change, as Amit Fulay, Google’s product lead for communication has confirmed on Google+ as he responded to a query stating that Audio Only calls are coming to Duo “soon.” How soon is anybody’s guess, but seeing that the fall back is already built in the product, you would expect Google to roll it out without too much of a delay. You must be wondering what about Hangouts, when it does pretty much the exact same thing. Google has decided that Hangouts will be focussing on business products and therefore will be a totally different entity altogether.

Source: Android Police

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