Google for India 2022: YouTube Courses, Bilingual Search, Medical Prescription Translation and more!

Google has unveiled many India-specific features across its products like Search, YouTube, GPay, and more in the 2022 edition of the Google for India event. The event saw the participation of Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister of Railways, Communications, and Electronics & Information Technology.

Let us look at all the best features and initiatives Google has announced for India.

YouTube Courses: YouTube’s new feature will threaten online learning platforms in India. Creators will be able to offer free or paid courses to their subscribers. Now, the course creators/teachers don’t need just to advertise their courses on YouTube; they can publish their courses on YouTube itself.

The company is currently testing the subscription-based model, which will be available soon, in 2023.

Digilocker Integration in Files app: Google announced a collaboration with the National eGovernance Division (NeGD) to help with easy access to digital documents by directly integrating Digilocker on the Files by Google app. Files app is the app from Google for managing the files in your phone, with additional features such as file transfer, file cleaning, and more.

This new Digilocker integration will bring your digital identification documents directly to your phone without installing the stand-alone Digilocker app. The Digilocker documents will be stored in a secured, isolated environment that requires lock screen authentication to access.

Fraud Detection in GPay: Google Pay will now notify users of any possible fraudulent behaviour by users on the other end. GPay will warn users in their preferred language of suspicious payment requests.

Google Multi-Search Feature: Google is bringing the multi-search feature to India, which lets you search using multiple ways: an image and a text.

It is already live in India, and you can access it by going to the Google app and clicking on the camera icon on the search bar. Select an image from the gallery or click a photo. Select the image search icon; Google will search and return the results to the picture. On the search bar, you can see that now you can add text to the search too.

Bilingual Google Search: Google Search results will now be bilingual. It will return results for both English and Hindi. Google has said that it has started rolling out this feature in Hindi now; it will expand to other languages, such as Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Bengali, later in 2023.

Voice-based Search Now Recognises Hinglish: Most people use Hinglish for conversing, and now Google is bringing Hinglish to voice search. You can now search on Google with a blend of Hindi and English, which will return exactly what you searched for.

Search in Video: This new feature in Google search will let you search within a video on YouTube with the Google app. When you search for something and a video comes up, you can search within the video to find what you’re looking for.

Medical Prescription Translation: Reading what a doctor writes in a prescription is sometimes impossible. Google is making it easier for you with this new feature. You can upload the prescriptions to the Google Lens app and determine which medications the doctor has prescribed.