Google Launches Gallery Go, a Lighter Google Photos Alternative That Works Offline

Google has launched Gallery Go, a lightweight alternative to Google Photos. The Gallery Go app will join the rest of Google Go family which includes Maps Go, YouTube Go and Google Go, among others. As expected Gallery Go consumes less space, 10MB to be precise, which is a lot less than the 130MB Google Photos app.

That being said, Gallery Go retains most features from Google Photos. For instance, the new app features auto-organisation, a photo finder, and other editing options. An auto-enhance option lets you quickly improve your photos with a single tap. Other editing options include filters, rotate and crop.

Furthermore, the photos are segregated based on screenshots, documents, and videos. Needless to say, you can sync and back up the photos on Google Drive. Gallery Go also offers Folders and SD Card support – this means you can view, copy, and transfer to and from SD cards without any hassle.

Google claims to have designed the Gallery Go app in such a way that it works offline too. The app is available on the Play Store and can be installed on devices running Android 8.1 Oreo and above. The Face Grouping is not currently available in all countries. The app will come as a pre-installed gallery app on new devices powered by Android Go.