Google Home Mini to Launch in India on April 10

Google Home was launched in 2016 followed by Home Mini last year. Unfortunately, these devices never made their way to India, but this is about to change. The devices received much praise owing to how good they sounded and the perks that Google Assistant had to offer. Google has now issued a release for an event on April 10 which is most likely to see the launch of the Home Mini in India. 

Although Google hasn’t explicitly mentioned that they’ll launch the Google Home mini but the illustration as well as the text hints towards that.

If the smart speakers are launched in India, their closest competitors will be the Alexa powered Amazon Echo speakers that are currently available for about Rs. 10,000 for the larger sized one. The smaller Echo Dot can be bought for Rs. 4500. Alexa is almost just as smart as the Google-powered speakers, however, it doesn’t come close to the search engine prowess the Google speakers have. To top that off, Google Assistant is currently the leading AI-powered assistant which is super witty and offers better speech recognition.

As far as pricing is concerned, there hasn’t been an official word regarding how big a hole that would burn in your pocket. However, in the United States, the Google Mini can be bought for $49 (~Rs. 3,200) whereas the Google Home is priced at $129 (~8,400). After import taxes and logistics are included, the smart speakers could be priced around the same price as its Amazon counterparts.

Speaking of productivity, the Google Home and Google Home Mini, in the US at least can be hooked up to home automation devices like smart lights and smart home security systems. In India though, home automation is still picking up the pace. Speaking of music streaming services, the Google speakers can be linked to either Google Music or Spotify, the latter of which might launch soon in India as well. The Amazon Echo, on the other hand, can stream music from either Amazon Music or Saavn.

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