Google Home Mini game: play using “OK Google” commands and win a Google Home Mini for Rs 499

Google Home Mini is undoubtedly one of the best places to start if you are looking to get into the smart speaker market. For one, it is inexpensive and comes with a design that can nicely blend in with your home decor, even if you don’t use it after a point. However, the deal only gets much more compelling when it becomes available at a throwaway price.

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Google Home Mini is currently available for Rs 2,490 on Flipkart. However, you can participate in the Google Home Mini contest and buy one for just Rs 499 by completing key tasks on Google Assistant. Here’s how to do so.

What is the Google Home Mini game?

The Google Home Mini game is a new contest being held by the search giant where select participants get to buy the smart speaker for Rs 499. All you need to do is participate in the contest and complete select tasks mentioned in the contest page. At the end of your participation, you might get a chance to buy Google Home Mini (Gen 1) by paying a discounted price of Rs 499.

The contest page notes that all Indian citizens who are over 18 years old and have a valid Google account can participate. Google also noted that the user’s Google account should be more than 30 days old before the start date of the contest. You can enter the game, which concludes on February 25th, using only one valid Google account.

The game is only available for Android devices using Google app version 10.90.16 and above. You can check your app version on Google Play Store or App Store and update. You should have set up Google Assistant on your phone. The Assistant language must be set to English (India), English (United States), English (United Kingdom) or Hindi (India) to access the game.

How to play Google Home Mini contest

  • On your phone, invoke the Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google, Play the Google Home Mini Game” or “OK Google, Play the Google Home Mini Game”.
  • Once you enter the contest, Google Assistant will show you a set of tasks that you will need to complete.
  • For each task you see in this list, identify the command to complete the task.Google Home Mini contest
  • Now, say that command to complete the task. For example, say “Hey Google, set an alarm.”
  • At the end of every successful query, Google Assistant returns the desired result and the associated task will be counted as complete.
  • You can say “Hey Google, play the Google Home Mini Game” and the completed tasks will display a checkmark next to it.
  • Once you have completed all the tasks, say “Hey Google, play the Google Home Mini Game” again to find out if you won vouchers.

Google Home Mini contest: how many times can you enter?

If you don’t win, you can enter the contest again, which opens at 12am on every day and will go on till February 25th. “You can enter the contest daily until either you win or the contest is over,” Google explains in the contest page. Since Google is offering only limited vouchers daily, we advise you play as close to midnight as possible to claim the available vouchers for the day.

Google Home Mini contest: how to redeem Flipkart voucher

If you win, you will receive a Flipkart voucher along with a Redeem option. This voucher can be described as the Google Home Mini game coupon code, which will allow you to get Google Home Mini at Rs 499. Click Redeem to validate your voucher and when you validate, you agree to pay Rs 499 to get your Google Home Mini (Gen 1). The voucher needs to be redeemed within the coupon expiry date and you must also be signed into Flipkart to redeem the voucher.

Google Home Mini contest: terms and conditions

  1. The number of winners declared on any given day is at Google’s discretion and will not exceed 30000.
  2. Participants who enter the game once all the winners are selected on a given day will not be eligible for the discount voucher on that day.
  3. These participants can try to enter the promotion again the next day or any other day of their choice within the contest period.
  4. Each participant can only use one set of Google credentials which includes, but is not limited to, a Google account or phone number to qualify for the Promotion.
  5. Participants may play the game any number of times to get the voucher.
  6. If a participant wins the voucher then they won’t be eligible to win another voucher.
  7. The contest is subject to all state and local laws and regulations.
  8. Google reserves the right to disqualify any user from the contest.
  9. The employees of Google India Private Limited and their immediate family members and affiliates are not eligible.
  10. The voucher expiry date is February 28th, 2021.
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