Google Maps to remind parking locations on Android and iOS

Google just updated Maps with a new parking reminder feature that will help users remember their parking locations. The update has hit both the Android and iOS platforms, aiming to help users remember where they parked their cars.

Google, in its recent blog post titled “Remember where you parked with Google Maps,” demonstrated how it works. If you are an Android users, tap the blue dot and then “Save your parking” to add your parking location to the map. You will notice a label on the map that will indicate where you parked your car.

Tapping the label will expand your parking card so that you can add more information about your parking spot. You can set a reminder alert 15 minutes before the meter expires, save an image of your parking spot, and share your parking location with friends.

The process doesn’t change much on iOS. Just tap on the blue dot and tap the option “Set as parking location,” like Android. Once done, you can expand your card to fill in more details, take pictures, and share it with your friends. It is sort of extension to the existing automatic parking detection feature in Google Maps for iOS.

“If you connect to your car using USB audio or Bluetooth, your parking spot will be automatically added to the map when you disconnect and exit the vehicle,” Google explained.

Tanmay Patange

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