Google Maps will now show you the estimated toll price of your route


  • Google Maps rolls out new estimated toll price feature
  • Currently this feature is available for Android and iOS users in US, India, Japan and Indonesia.
  • Google Maps will also show alternative routes that do not include toll roads

Google said in April of this year that Google Maps on Android and iOS smartphones would be able to display toll prices. So far, it has assisted users in avoiding congested routes and taking more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient routes. It has also assisted travellers in picking routes that avoid tolls. However, one feature that has been left out of the mix is the cost of travel when tolls are factored in. However, that is changing as Google has finally begun rolling out a feature to Maps that precisely estimates the toll costs of a commuter’s journey.

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Google Maps will use information from local governments to estimate the overall cost of your trip to your destination. The total price will be projected depending on parameters such as the cost of using a toll pass or other payment methods, the day of the week, and the amount of toll expected to be collected at the moment the user crosses a toll plaza.

With the help of this feature, we will be able to know how much money we will need to pay tolls so we can recharge our FASTag before the trip starts. It will also display alternatives, including a toll-free route, for individuals who do not wish to pay tolls. When the option is available, you can avoid tolls by touching the three dots in the top right corner of Google Maps and selecting “avoid tolls.”

Apart from that, Google Maps just began rolling out a new feature that will provide users about the air quality in their neighbourhood. This feature will display the Air Quality Index and other details such as how healthy or harmful the air is, advice for outdoor activities when the information was last updated and links to learn more. However, this feature is only available for Android and iOS users in the USA.