Google Messages gets India specific update, now auto-deletes OTPs and categorises messages


  • Google has introduced two new features to its Messages app
  • It will automatically delete OTP messages 24 hours after they are received
  • The second feature will automatically categorize various kinds of messages under tabs

Google Messages will now auto-delete OTP SMS and also sort messages into categories. The feature has been exclusively released for Indian users and will be rolled out in the coming weeks on Android devices running version 8.0 and higher. 

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With tons of incoming messages on daily basis, it becomes difficult to separate important conversations from everything else. Google aims to offer a seamless and helpful experience to its Messages app on Android with the new features. It will also help the user to keep the inbox clutter-free. 

Google adds two new features to its Messages app

Google Messages

Google says that the two new features are optional and can be managed in settings

There are multiple services that send OTP messages as a part of financial transactions or authentication required for registration or login. These SMSes often clog up the inbox if not deleted manually. Now, Google Messages will automatically delete one-time passwords or OTP messages after a period of 24 hours. An OTP SMS generally expires after a few minutes so the new feature from Google shouldn’t be a problem for users. 

To turn on this feature, Google Messages will receive a suggestion prompt to auto-delete OTPs after 24 hours which has to be confirmed by the user. 

Coming to the second feature, Google Messages will automatically sort different messages into categories making them easily accessible. The search engine giant has added tabs including personal, transactions, OTPs and more at the top of the screen. This means that personal conversations with saved contacts will fall under the personal tab while messages related to banking transactions or bills will be categorized in the transactions tab.

Google says that the sorting feature relies on machine learning technology. The search engine giant added that the categorization happens safely on the user’s device and messages can be accessed offline as well. 

As mentioned earlier, the new features will be rolled out soon for devices running on Android 8 and above. Users should also update the Messages app to the latest version. 

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