Google One to Bring New Features at Slashed Rates for Paid Google Drive Users

If you happen to pay for extra storage on Google Drive, you are expected to get more bang for your buck very soon. The Mountain View based giant is looking to move its paid Drive users to the company’s new project, dubbed as Google One.

For users who use the free service, the storage will still be capped at 15GB per account. This storage is however distributed over users’ Gmail, Google Photos, and Drive which can run down very quickly. Google currently offers 6 paid plans for users:

  • 100GB – Rs. 130/month OR Rs.1,300/year
  • 1TB – Rs. 650/month OR Rs. 6,500/year
  • 2TB – Rs. 1,300/month
  • 10TB – Rs. 6,500/month
  • 20TB – Rs. 13,000/month
  • 30TB – Rs. 19,500/month

With the dawn of Google One, the pricing of these plans will be undergoing a change. In addition to that, the company is also introducing a new plan for people who wish to use not as much as 1TB. Here’s the new price breakdown:

  • 100GB – $1.99 (approx. Rs. 135) / month
  • 200GB – $2.99 (approx. Rs. 204) / month
  • 2TB – Rs. 1,300 / month (for existing 1TB users)
  • 2TB – Rs. 675 / month (for new users)
  • 10TB  – Rs. 6,500 / month (remains unchanged)
  • 20TB – Rs. 13,000 / month (remains unchanged)
  • 30TB – Rs. 19,500 / month (remains unchanged)

In addition to the slight revision in prices, the company is also adding the capability to share the storage with family members, which was previously something iCloud users enjoyed. This will make it easier to share data such as photos on the family cloud. Now, Google Drive will be accessible to up to 5 members at zero extra cost.

Together with that, the Mountain View-based giant is also looking to make the service more friendly to customers by making actual experts accessible to paid customers to assist with any problems. The search giant will also offer some extra perks like Google Play Credits or deals on hotels found on the search engine.

Current subscribers of Google Drive’s paid storage plans will be upgraded to Google One automatically over the course of the next few months. The rollout is expected to start with US customers and eventually roll-out to customers all over the globe. It must be noted that this change will not affect G Suite users.

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