Google Pay Merchant Holi Offer: win Rs 1,001 and more cash prizes by collecting stamps

Google Pay Merchant Holi Offer is the latest game by the payments platform. This time, Google Pay is restricting the game to the merchants on the platform. Last year, Google Pay’s Holi game, which asked all the users to collect stamps to win prizes, became very popular. It is not clear why Google is restricting the offer to merchants this year. However, rivals such as Paytm have followed the lead to run their own Holi game.

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While the Paytm Holi Bash contest is about to end in the next few days, Google Pay is here to fill the void. Google Pay Merchant Holi offer is described as Holi Hai offer and is available exclusively on the Google Pay for Business app. Through this contest, Google Pay merchants need to collect five stamps and stand a chance to win Rs 1,001 cashback directly in their bank account. Here is everything you need to know about Google Pay Merchant Holi offer.

Google Pay Merchant Holi Offer: what is it?

Google Pay Merchant Holi Offer is a mini game for all the merchants on Google’s payment platform. With this offer, the merchants can collect Holi stamps and win up to Rs 1,001. In order to earn these stamps, all you need to do is accept payments using Google Pay for Business app. While the big reward here is Rs 1,001 being credited directly to the bank account of merchants, there are daily rewards to win.

The details for the contest reveals that Google Pay for Business users can get daily rewards of Rs 21 each day. There is also a reward of Rs 251 for those who collect all five different stamps. While those who collect 12 stamps in total during the offer period stand a chance to win up to Rs 1,001. The bottom-line is that more stamps you collect, you will unlock more rewards.

Google had run a similar stamp collection offer for merchants during Diwali called Google Pay Merchant Har Din Diwali Offer. The reason these offers are restricted to merchants could be to retain merchant loyalty.

Google Pay Merchant Holi Offer: stamps, offers and rewards details

  • Google Pay Daily Shagun Stamp: This is a stamp that you can collect daily. With this stamp, you need to collect one stamp a day and merchants can earn one scratch card that will reward them with up to Rs 21 per day.
  • Gift of three stamps: Here, Google Pay Merchants need to collect three stamps of the same type. You will earn a scratch card worth up to Rs 101.
  • Collect all five stamps: If you collect all five stamps then you will earn an assured reward of Rs 251.
  • Happy Holi Offer: This is the ultimate offer with this Holi game on Google Pay for Business. Google Pay Merchants can collect all 12 stamps during the offer period and they will now stand a chance to earn up to Rs 1,001.

Google Pay Merchant Holi Offer: how to collect all the stamps?

There are a total of five different stamps to collect here. These stamps are Pichkari stamp, Mithai stamp, Gulaal stamp, Tabla stamp and Thandai stamp and 16 grids within the game. Here is how you can collect these stamps.

  • Open Google Pay for Business app and click on the Holi Hai Offer banner.
  • Now, collect a stamp daily to progress through the grid and unlock your rewards.
  • You can also collect a stamp by receiving a payment of at least Rs 20 per day.

Google Pay Merchant Holi Offer: rules, terms and conditions

  1. You must have a Google Pay Merchant account to become eligible for this offer.
  2. The transactions must be from unique Google Pay users and at least Rs 20 each to qualify.
  3. Multiple transactions from a single Google Pay user will be considered as one qualifying transaction.
  4. The Google Pay Merchant Holi offer starts on March 22nd, 2021.
  5. You can start collecting daily stamps by receiving payments.
  6. Collect all five stamps to win up to Rs 1,001 in your bank account from Google Pay Merchant Holi offer.
  7. Google Pay reserves the right to withdraw and or alter any terms and conditions of this offer or contest at any time without prior notice.
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