Google Pay Rewards Path introduced: how to use the new interactive rewards feature on the app

On: December 16, 2020

Google Pay has introduced a new interactive way to earn rewards for its users in India. The new feature is called Rewards Path and it shows an interactive path documenting the rewards earned by the user. Just like before, the users will have to make payments using the Google Pay app to be able to get rewards on the Google Pay Rewards Path.

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However, while Google Pay previously offered scratch cards with each payment with no certainty of what to expect, Rewards Path shows you exactly what to expect when you complete steps and achieve milestones on the path. Here are all details about the new Google Pay Rewards Path and how it works.

Google Pay Rewards Path: how it works

Google introduces rewards path for its users to earn rewards in an interactive way

Google introduces rewards path for its users to earn rewards in an interactive way

As mentioned before, the Rewards Path is a new reward method introduced by Google Pay. The interface can be seen in the ‘Rewards’ section of the Google Pay app. Users can move a step forward on the rewards path by sending money to a friend, paying a business, paying to a bank account, buying or selling gold and booking a train ticket. Each of these transactions will move the user one step forward.

The rewards path displays upcoming rewards awaiting the user and how many steps they need to complete before they can claim it. Google Pay will be rewarding scratch cards and premium rewards along the path to its users. According to the terms and conditions page, every week new scratch cards including cashback and vouchers are added to the path.

Additionally, the rewards path has premium reward milestones on it. Once the user reaches a premium reward milestone, they will receive a guaranteed premium voucher or free item. The rewards path is different for each user and they will be able to unlock rewards personalised for them upon moving ahead and touching milestones.

Google Pay Rewards Path: terms and conditions

There are some restrictions on using the Google Pay Rewards Path. The user will be able to move a step ahead only if they make a minimum transaction of Rs 150. Moreover, they will move forward only if the transaction is unique. This means that if you send Rs 150 to your friend using Google Pay, you will move one step forward. However, if you send the same friend Rs 150 again in the same week, you won’t move ahead.

Additionally, users can only move forward 10 steps in a week, with one step per recipient. The steps counter will reset to 10 on Monday. This will go one for the whole year with steps accumulating on the rewards path. Users will be able to see 20 steps ahead and 20 steps previous to their current step at any point. The steps counter will reset to zero on December 31st every year.

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