Google Pay UPI PIN: how to reset or change UPI PIN in GPay

Google Pay was launched in 2017 for Indian consumers by Google for competing with other UPI-based apps such as PhonePe and Paytm. With Google Pay, users can make multiple transactions online through their mobile phones without any extra charges. Essentially, the Google Pay account is connected to the user’s bank account, and this increases the portability options for the user.

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The transactions done on Google Pay are secured by a UPI PIN (Unified Payments Interface Personal Identification Number) that is unique for each individual, and their respective accounts. In this article, you will learn how to reset or change your UPI PIN in G Pay (the colloquial term for Google Pay).

What is UPI PIN in Google Pay?

The UPI pin is a unique identification number that the user can allot themselves when setting up an account on Google Pay. This UPI pin needs to be entered each time the user makes a transaction through the Google Pay app. It can be of either 4 or 6 digits. As a user, you have to ensure that the number you allot as the UPI pin is unique to you. If you enter the wrong UPI pin, the transaction will not be completed and money won’t be deducted from your account. The UPI pin, once registered, will be the same for all the apps that you have across the board.

You should also be aware of the fact that the MPIN and UPI pin are two different numbers. The MPIN stands for Mobile-banking Personal Identification Number and is used for authorizing transactions when you are using the official app of the bank in which you have an account. UPI pins are different and can be used for UPI-based apps only.

How to reset UPI PIN on Google Pay on Android

If you want to reset your UPI pin on Google Pay on Android, there are a few simple steps you can implement. Do keep in mind the fact that you will need your debit card and all the relevant information to reset the UPI pin.

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your Android device. Use your fingerprint or pin to launch the app.
  2. Once the app is launched, find the icon with your photo in the upper right corner of the app window.
  3. Find the “Bank Account” option on the next screen and select it.
  4. You’ll then be shown all the bank accounts associated with your Google Pay account. Find the bank account whose UPI pin you want to reset.
  5. Navigate to the option that says “Forgot UPI PIN”. Tap on this option.
  6. In the next window, you will need to enter the last 6 digits that are shown in your associated debit card. Keep this handy, and enter when prompted. You will also have to input the expiry date of the associated debit card.
  7. After these inputs are accepted by the app, you can enter a new UPI PIN.
  8. After entering the new OTP, you will be sent an OTP to the number associated with the Google Pay account. After receiving the OTP, enter it into the space provided in the Google Pay app when prompted.
  9. Your new UPI PIN will then be accepted by the app and you can use it for future transactions.

How to reset the UPI pin on Google Pay on iPhone

Changing the UPI pin on Google Pay on iPhone isn’t all that different from how it’s done on Android. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your iPhone.
  2. When the app launches, you’ll find an icon with your profile photo at the top right corner. Tap on it.
  3. A new window will open that shall have a section called “Bank account”. Select this option.
  4. You’ll then find a list of bank accounts that are linked to your Google Pay account. Select the account whose UPI pin you want to reset.
  5. After this, there will be an option of “Forgot UPI PIN”. You must select this.
  6. There will be a series of on-screen instructions shown by the app, in which you will have to enter the last 6 digits of your debit card. The phone number associated with your bank account will also receive an OTP that you need to enter after you input the new and desired UPI PIN.
  7. Enter the OTP, and your screen should show “UPI PIN updated”, after a successful input of the required information.
  8. You can now use the new UPI PIN for future transactions.

While you are resetting your UPI PIN, you must keep a few things in mind. Firstly, if you enter your UPI PIN incorrectly three times in a row, you will have to reset your UPI PIN or wait for another 24 hours before trying a new transaction. However, for the next 24 hours, you will not be able to send or receive money into your account.

How to change UPI PIN in Google Pay

Changing the UPI PIN on Google Pay is quite a simple affair. It is not very different from resetting your UPI PIN. Moreover, it will not require an OTP to your registered number or the last 6 digits of your associated debit card. Here’s what you can do to change your UPI PIN:

  1. Open the Google Pay app on your smartphone.
  2. In the upper right corner, you’ll find your profile picture. Tap on it.
  3. The next section will show the “Bank account” option. Select it.
  4. In the list of banks that are registered to Google Pay, find the account whose UPI PIN you want to change.
  5. After selecting the desired bank account, there will be an option labelled as “More” followed by three dots vertically arranged. Click on this option.
  6. The option to “Change UPI PIN” will pop up. Choose this section.
  7. All you need to do now is enter the new UPI PIN twice when prompted. Your UPI PIN will then be changed, and you can use this new UPI PIN for any transactions you make henceforth.
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