Google Photos free unlimited storage ends on June 1st: here’s how much you’ll have to pay for a Google One subscription

Google offers 15GB of free cloud storage with every new Google account. It is shared across Drive, Gmail and Photos. Now the search engine giant has announced that it will stop offering free unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos from June 1st, 2021. 

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In a blog post, Google said that this is a big shift and may come as a surprise. However, the company’s Pixel (first to the fifth generation) smartphones won’t be impacted with the storage cap and users can upload photos and videos even after June next year. 

Google Photos will stop offering free unlimited storage in June 2021

Google Photos

Photos and videos uploaded on Google Photos after June 1, 2021 will be counted towards the 15GB default storage.

Starting June 1 next year, any files uploaded to Google Photos will be counted towards the 15GB default storage. However, any photos and videos uploaded before the date will not be counted to the storage space. Previously, only compressed pictures in high quality were free while uncompressed original quality images were counted to the storage space.

With the new change that will take into effect from June 1st, all images uploaded after the date will be counted towards the default storage. Google claims that 80 percent of Photos users won’t hit their 15GB cap for about three years. As the storage is close to filling up, Google will notify the user and will give the option to expand the storage through a Google One subscription. 

Google also announced that it will offer a new tool in June 2021 that will allow Photos users easily manage their media. The tool will automatically highlight memories the user may want to keep and media like dark, blurry photos and large videos that can be deleted. The search engine giant also introduced a new policy that it will delete your data across multiple devices if the user is inactive on the service for over two years. The Google Photos latest change is applicable across all platforms including Android, iOS and desktop.

Google Photos was introduced five years ago and the company claims that 4 trillion photos are stored with 28 billion new photos and videos uploaded every week. 

Google One plans and price in India

Google has a total of seven plans on offer in India including a free basic plan offering 15GB storage. The paid plans start from Rs 130 per month and go up to Rs 9,750 per month.

  1. Google Drive basic plan – free
  2. Google One 100GB – Rs 130 per month
  3. Google One 200GB – Rs 210 per month
  4. Google One 2TB – Rs 650 per month
  5. Google One 10TB – Rs 3,250 per month
  6. Google One 20TB – Rs 6,500 per month
  7. Google One 30TB – Rs 9,750 per month

Google One Free basic plan

This is a free plan offered to all Google users and comes with 15GB of free storage. The free storage is shared across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos, among others.

Google One 100GB plan

As the name suggests, this plan offers 100GB of data to be shared across Google’s catalogue of services. The plan is priced at Rs 130 per month and if you opt for an annual subscription, you’ll have to pay Rs 1,300 per year.

Google One 200GB plan

The 200GB Google One plan is priced at Rs 210 per month. Those who want to get the service for a year in one go will have to shell out Rs 2,100 per year.

Google One 2TB plan

The 2TB plan is for those who backup a lot of data and photos in their Google account. This plan retails at Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,500 per year.

Google One 10TB plan

Designed for heavy users, the 30TB plan is offered only in a monthly package and has been priced at Rs 3,250 per month in India.

Google One 20TB plan

The Google One Plan with 20TB storage comes with a monthly subscription rate of Rs 6,500 per month. Just like the Google One 10TB plan, there’s no annual subscription.

Google One 30TB plan

This is the top-tier Google One plan in India with 30TB storage on offer. Users will have to pay Rs 9,750 per month for this plan and there’s no annual subscription model.

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