Google Photos Now Includes Four New Machine Learning Features

Search giant Google has pushed a new update to Google Photos, bringing four new Machine Learning features. The company has lately been taking Google Photos pretty seriously. More so with the company’s announcement regarding free unlimited Google Photos storage on its Pixel phones. This time, all the Google Photos users will be benefited, and not just those using Pixel phones.

Discover your old memories


Google has come up with this new feature that will take you back into the past and remind you of your older memories. This thing has been made possible with the data Google gathers using its face detection algorithm. Let’s say you have just captured a photo with your spouse. In this case, Google Photos will prompt you with an album titled “Rediscover your memories,” containing pictures of you two from the past.

Recent highlights


Google is now making it easier to help you decide some of your best photos. Most of the times, people end up taking more photos than they actually require, in the search of that one perfect shot. That is where this new feature would come handy. As a result, users may occasionally get a card showing the best photo from a particular period or event.

Auto-created animation


This feature will auto generate animations from your recorded videos. Google has made this whole thing intelligent enough to focus a particular segment or activity that would make a great animation.

Suggested rotations


In case Google Photos come across sideways photos in your collection, it will prompt you with a suggestion to rotate them properly. This is a very handy feature when you accidently capture photos without proper orientation. This feature will reduce the pain of manually editing the pictures and set a proper rotation.

All these new features are now available on Android, iOS, and the web platforms.


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