Google Pixel 2 FCC Filing: Squeezable Active Edge, Snapdragon 836, Android 8.0 and More

On: August 16, 2017

Google, the search engine giant is expected to release the second iteration to its Pixel and Pixel XL in just a couple of months from now. It has become close to impossible for OEM’s to hold information regarding their upcoming devices and Google has been no exception.

Google recently filed their upcoming devices with the FCC and reports have emerged that the Pixel 2 devices will sport an Active Edge feature. This feature will be similar to what is found on the HTC U11 – The Edge Sense. Since HTC will be manufacturing the new Pixel devices, it was expected that the devices would inherit some of HTC flagship devices’ features.

What this means for the Pixel 2 is that it would be able to perform some additional functions such as launching the Google Assistant, quickly launching an app or to capture images from the camera application. The scope regarding how this feature could be customized is immense and we sure do hope Google’s stock Android will provide the flexibility to allow this.

As per the FCC filing, it has been confirmed that the smaller sized Pixel 2 will feature the Active Edge feature. It is still unclear whether the Pixel 2 XL will sport this feature but observing last year’s trend in which both devices feature identical specifications, we will expect the larger sibling to rock a squeezable edge too. Both devices have also been observed to be running on the upcoming yet unnamed Android version – Android O.

In addition to the design and software that the device would come with, the FCC filings have also revealed what we can expect under the smartphones’ hoods. The Pixel 2 is expected to run on Qualcomm’s’ flagship processor, the Snapdragon 836. In terms of memory, the devices are likely to start at 64GB of internal storage for the base model.

According to earlier leaks, the phone is sadly expected to follow Apple and drop the headphone jack for a single USB Type-C port that will suffice for all I/O. Also, on the display front, the larger Pixel XL 2 is expected to feature a close to bezel-less display whereas the smaller Pixel 2 will still retain some of its bezels from the first generation.


On the camera front, the recent leaks have pointed out that the phones will feature a single rear camera. The Pixel devices might give the dual camera setup a miss, contrary to their upcoming counterparts be it the iPhone 8, the Galaxy Note 8 or even the Huawei Mate 10. However, similar to the last generation of the Pixel, Google may just play humble in terms of the camera department and surprise us with mind-blowing camera modules yet again.

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Source: FCCReddit,BGR