Google Pixel 32GB Write Speed Is 7X Faster Than iPhone 7 32GB

On: October 21, 2016

Unbox Therapy, a YouTube channel recently proved in a video that the write speed of iPhone 7 32GB is 8 times slower than that of iPhone 7 256GB. Lewis from Unbox Therapy conducted some speed tests to confirm the storage performance between different variants of iPhone 7.


The performance test revealed the huge speed difference of write speed in both the variants. While the 256GB variant recorded 341 MBPS of write speed, the 32GB model recorded merely 42MBPS of write speed, resulting in 8 times slower storage performance than the 256GB variant.

Lewis also conducted another test by transferring a 4.2GB movie file from his MacBook to both the variants. On the 256GB variant, it took around two and a half minutes to transfer the file whereas the 32GB variant took over three and a half minutes to share the same file.

In another video, Lewis performed the same test on Google Pixel 32GB variant which revealed the write speed to be 302MBPS. This lead us to the conclusion that 32GB variant of Pixel performs 7 times faster than iPhone 7 of same storage variant. The write speed of Pixel 32GB storage variant is even quite closer to iPhone 7 256GB (341 MBPS) storage variant.

This speed difference is the result of different storage technologies used in these phones. The Google Pixel smartphones use ultra fast UFS 2.0 storage technology whereas Apple uses thePCIe/NVMe NAND storage technology for iPhones.

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