Google may unveil Pixel 4 5G next week

On: October 10, 2019

Google is reportedly working on a 5G variant of its upcoming flagship, the Pixel 4. According to Nikkei, the smartphone could launch as early as next week alongside the Pixel 4 series of smartphones.

The standard Pixel 4 is 4G LTE-compliant and will be unveiled at an event next Tuesday. Although it remains to be seen whether the 5G variant is previewed or released alongside the standard variant. Nikkei claims that the device is quite close to launching. Other sources claim that Google could also delay the Pixel 4 5G till spring of 2020 and launch the device alongside the budget-friendly Pixel 3A.

According to the report, while Google began mass producing the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL, the 5G variant is undergoing some last-minute tests. Even if Google unveils the devices simultaneously next week, chances are that the 5G variant might not be available at initial release. A key factor going in Google’s favor this time is Apple missing from the 5G race. Rumours suggest that Apple will only launch its 5G-enabled device in 2020. This could give Google a steady lead in terms of sales, although the Pixel is hardly the sole Android-powered smartphone to be 5G-compliant.

Google Pixel 4 XL

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5G connectivity offers quicker downloads at lower latencies, in line with standard broadband connections. It could theoretically reach speeds between 1 and 10 Gbps, although real world figues will likely remain a fraction of that. The low latency will enhance mobile gaming as well. The only downside to 5G now is that carriers do not have the hardware to offer high speeds outside city limits. Google is yet to comment on the 5G speculations, although, a spring launch seems likely. Most US carriers are expected to possess some form of 5G capability by the time.

This includes Google’s Fi network, which is rumored to use the Sprint 5G network. Google is also planning to launch a laptop and smartwatch at the event next week, according to Nikkei. However, there is no concrete evidence yet. Hopefully, Google still has a few surprises waiting for us!


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