Pixel 4 scores lower on DxOMark’s camera test than the Samsung Galaxy S10+

On: October 22, 2019

Last week, Google introduced its latest Pixel smartphones dubbed the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. The new handsets from the search titan arrived as the first Pixels to flaunt a dual primary camera setup at the rear. Soon after the launch, the camera testing firm DxOMark has tested the lenses of the Pixel 4 and has released its camera results for the handset. The smartphone has received an overall score of 112 points on the camera test of DxOMark. Notably, the Pixel 4’s score on the test is a point less than the score of the Samsung Galaxy S10+, which was launched six months ago.

Google Pixel 4 has scored overall 112 points on DxOMark’s camera test

In DxOMark’s camera test, the Google Pixel 4 has received an overall score of 117 for still images and 101 points for video recording. With a total score of 112 points, the phone is among the top 10 best performing devices in the camera benchmarks of DxOMark. To compare, the last year’s Pixel 3 received an overall score of 102 points on the same camera test. That’s a 10 point jump over its predecessor.

DxOMark mentions that when capturing still images, the Pixel 4 is capable of producing vivid and pleasant colours in bright lighting conditions. The phone delivers good exposure in all imaging conditions, fast and accurate autofocus in bright light, and good detail in close- and mid-range zoom. As for the cons, the Pixel 4 has some loss of details and visible noise in all conditions. Also, the stills captured from the handset have a localised loss of acutance and moire patterns in bright light.

Google Pixel 4 gets 117 points for photos and 101 points for video recording from DxOMark

Talking about the video recording, the Pixel 4’s cameras can keep noise under control in all conditions, and they produce good detail in both outdoor and indoor recording conditions. The phone is capable of delivering vivid colours and pleasant white balances, accurate autofocus, and fairly effective stabilisation while recording videos. However, there’s some noticeable motion in the videos recorded while walking. Also, there’s a lack of details in low light conditions.

For the uninitiated, the Pixel 4 features a 12-megapixel primary camera at the rear, which is accompanied by a 16-megapixel secondary shooter. The phone has optical image stabilisation, and is capable of recording up to 4K videos at 30fps. On the front, the device has a single 8-megapixel camera.

The Google Pixel 4 duo is currently available only in the US. Unfortunately, the smartphones will not be launched in the Indian market.

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