Google Pixel 4 May Feature Telephoto Lens, Reveals Google Camera Code

Google has relied heavily on its camera software to make-up for the PIxel phones’ single lens setup, at a time when rival devices are boasting dual and triple-camera units. The search engine giant has already confirmed that the Pixel 4 series of smartphones will be equipped with dual rear cameras. Now, code discovered by XDA Developers in the latest Google Camera app once again confirms that the Pixel 4 phones will have at least two rear-facing cameras. The second unit is a telephoto lens in all probability.

Google Pixel 4’s ‘Rear Telephoto’ Sensor ID Exposed

According to XDA Developers, while looking through the codes of Google Camera 6.3 forAndroid Q beta 5, a change was spotted under “SABRE,” Google’s in-house name for the Super Res Zoom. A new field named “SABRE_UNZOOMED_TELEPHOTO” was observed, which led to another interesting finding – a brand new Google Sensor ID, not seen on Google Camera 6.2.

GOogle Pixel 4 telephoto lens in Google Camera code

The list of sensor IDs include a ‘front regular’ sensor, a ‘front IR’ sensor, a ‘front wide’ sensor, a ‘rear regular’ sensor, and a ‘rear telephoto’ sensor. The list also includes ‘front logical’ and ‘rear logical’ sensors, where ‘logical’ likely refers to a ‘logical camera device consisting of two or more camera sensors pointing in one direction,’ according to Android 9.0 Pie’s multi-camera API.

Assuming that IR stands for Infrared, it is safe to say that this ID is for a facial recognition feature. Since the Pixel 3 uses a front wide-angle camera, it is not possible to confirm whether the ‘front wide’ sensor ID refers to the camera unit on the Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 telephoto lens in Google Camera code 2

The presence of a rear telephoto lens means that the Pixel 4 might miss out on the rear wide-angle sensor, as shown in the official render. If the Pixel 4 uses a rear telephoto lens, it is safe to assume that it supports some form of optical zoom. It is impossible to give an estimate of the optical zoom without determining the exact focal lengths of the primary and telephoto lenses.

Minor Upgrades to Night Sight Hinted

A few subtle upgrades to Night Sight was also discovered in the code, although the full extent of their impact is unknown. One parameter mentions ‘sky segmentation,’ while another mentions the feature in association with ‘cuttlefish,’ Google’s internal codename for Night Sight. There is reason to believe that Google has made a few tweaks to Night Sight, as a method called ‘getOpimize_sky’ and another called ‘setSky_segmentation_gpu’ was observed in the codes. 

According to initial reports, Google is expected to unveil the Pixel 4 in October 2019. Google took to Twitter to showcase the official render of the new device in June. The images confirmed the presence of a dual-camera setup at the rear. A recent report suggested that the Pixel 4 may arrive in a new ‘Mint Green’ avatar with a Yellow power button along with the usual White and Black colour schemes with their Blue and White power buttons respectively.


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