Google Pixel 5 could feature a mid-range Snapdragon 765 SoC

Google is expected to unveil its mid-range Pixel 4a smartphone in the coming weeks. As for the Pixel 5, the company usually launches its flagship smartphones in October, but there is speculation that it might be pushed back this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In March this year, rumours suggested that the Pixel 5 would ditch the Snapdragon 800 series processor in favour of a mid-range chipset.

Now according to a new report by XDA Developers, there is more evidence to support the rumours. It suggests that Goggle’s Pixel 5 will be most likely not be powered by the Snapdragon 865. This means that it will not arrive as a flagship smartphone. 

Google Pixel 5 could feature a mid-range processor

Unlike the Pixel 4 (pictured above), the Pixel 5 will not feature a flagship SoC

XDA Developers had first reported three Pixel codenames back in January. ‘Sunfish’ referred to a Snapdragon 730 SoC powered Pixel 4a, while ‘Redfin’ and ‘Bramble’ are based on the Snapdragon 765. In the latest report, an XDA member analyzed the EUICCGoogle APK in Android 11 Developer Preview 4 and discovered the ‘g7250’ modem hinting at Google’s codename for Snapdragon 765. The SD765 includes three related chipsets i.e. Snapdragon 765, 765G and 768G. All three processors use the same socket and software. The Snapdragon 765G is a gaming processor, while the 768G is a slightly upgraded version of the same. Both processors are 5G-enabled. 

Google survey hints at a cheaper Pixel 5

Apart from above mentioned report, evidence of a non-flagship Pixel 5 also appears to be in line with the recent Google Opinion Rewards survey. The survey asks users to choose between a Google Pixel phone priced at $349 and a premium Google Pixel phone starting at $699. The former seems to be the upcoming Pixel 4a, although the price is lower than its predecessor. On the other hand, the premium Google Pixel certainly refers to Pixel 5 with wireless charging and water resistance. The price tag is also cheaper by $100 compared to the current Pixel 4 ($799), which makes it evident that the Pixel 5 could indeed ditch the Snapdragon 800-series processor. 

If the report turns out to be true, the Pixel 5 could bow out of the flagship segment and instead enter the premium mid-range market. Regardless, we are still a few months away from the smartphone’s launch, so readers should take this report lightly. We expect more information to crop up in the coming months. 


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