Google Pixel Phone Will Be Splash And Dust Proof, Certified With IP53

Google is unveiling the new Pixel handsets on 4th of October and has already released a teaser on YouTube. The search giant even went ahead and erected a sculpture in Brooklyn promoting the launch event of Pixel phones with hashtag #MadeByGoogle to be scheduled on 4th of October.

ap_resizewaterNumerous specs leaks of Pixel phones have already made their way on the Internet and now Android Police claims Pixel phones to be splash and dust proof. Manufactured by HTC, the Pixel phones are said to have a IP53 rating. Which essentially indicates that the devices have no enhanced water resistance at all but can resist water splashes.

Understanding the IP53 certification – the digit, 5, indicates that the Pixel phones should be dust-resistant but not completely dust-proof (The IP6X rating ensures the complete resistance against dust). The digit, 3, indicates that water sprayed by relatively low pressure at any angle up to 60 degrees from the vertical shell have no harmful effect. In real life, it means that it is perfectly safe to use the phone while it’s raining (moderately), but dunking your phone into water is not recommended. IP53 does not protect your phone from heavy rain or mist either.

So, we would suggest that if you’re planning to buy a Pixel phone, you shouldn’t let excessive water get near the charging port, or headphone jack of the phone. Though, occasional splashes are totally fine. Here’s the complete breakdown of IP X3 certification testing in which you can see the small pressurized water streams hitting the device at various angle up to 60 degrees from vertical.

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