Google Is Reportedly Planning to Build An Ad-Blocker For Chrome

If the latest report from The Wall Street Journal is believed to be true, Google is busy building on its own ad-blocker for Chrome. Well, the company which is among one of the top advertising payrolls in the world building a feature to block ads? Doesn’t fit well, right?

Google ad-blocker

Actually, it does make sense. As per the report, this feature won’t block all kind of ads. But the certain types which drastically ruin the user’s browsing experience such as pop-ups, auto-playing videos, stick ads which mask the original content you were meant to see. The set of these unacceptable apps were recently defined by an industry group – Coalition for Better Ads. According to this group, these ads were deemed to be “beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability.”

The WSJ further claims that Google could announce this feature within weeks, but there’s no confirmation yet. If the company plans to move ahead with it, you’ll soon see the ad-blocking feature in the mobile and desktop version of Chrome. It will be switch on by default and will filter out the ads which could ruin your browsing experience.

Well, as a user I am really glad that Google is coming up with this feature and I hope to see it soon.


Narender Charan

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