Google Rolls An Update For Maps, Replaces Direction Arrow With A Beam

Tech giant Google has just rolled out an update for Google Maps which will replace the direction arrow with a shining blue beam. From now onward this beam will help you to find out which direction you’re facing.


Earlier, a blue dot which points to your current location was coupled with an arrow to show the direction you’re facing at any given time. But, to make orienting even easier in Google Maps, Google has rolled this update to replace direction arrow with a beam. This beam also indicates the accuracy of your phone’s direction at any given instance. The narrower beam reflects the more accurate direction whereas the wider beam suggests that the phone’s compass is not calibrated.


The company has also provided a tip to calibrate your phone’s compass which is quite an easy trick to follow. The fix is to simply move your phone in a figure 8 motion a few times. As per the Google, this should immediately result in a more accurate direction.

Currently, this update is rolled out only for Android users. iOS users might have to wait a little longer to experience this shining blue beam.

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