Google Search for desktop is getting a dark mode


  • Google is A/B testing dark mode for Search on desktop
  • A wider rollout could happen in the coming weeks
  • It’s unclear if the dark theme will also be available on smartphone’s browser search

Dark mode is a popular feature on smartphones, laptops and more other devices, changing the background colour and theme to black from white. Google’s ecosystem of apps automatically adapts to a dark theme when the system-wide dark mode is enabled on Android 10. 

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Now Google is testing a dark theme for its search engine. According to 9to5Google, Windows and macOS users are reportedly receiving a notification that says ‘Dark theme is now available’. Notably, dark mode on Google Search for Android was introduced last year. 

Google starts testing dark theme for Google Search desktop version

Google Search Dark Mode

Google Search will soon be able to match your desktop’s system theme

The dark mode for Google search is currently in A/B testing phase, so it is not available for everyone yet. There is no word on the worldwide rollout either. 

Google’s dark mode for Search works with the system’s theme for desktop. So if the system theme is set to light mode, the search pages will appear white and vice-versa. Additionally, users can also set this manually and choose from three options like Light, Dark, and Device Default by heading to Settings and finding the theme options under the Appearance section. 

The Dark theme doesn’t make Google Search pages completely Black, but instead very Dark Grey. The text colour now becomes white from black, and links remain blue in colour. 9to5Google reports that various icons and links also have a light blur. Google’s multicolour logo also turns white in dark mode. 

Meanwhile, Google confirmed to The Verge that it is indeed testing dark mode for desktop search.  We’re always testing new ways to improve our experience for our users, but don’t have anything specific to announce right now,” Google said in a statement.

Notably, Google was first spotted testing the dark mode for search on the desktop in December last year. This hints at a wider rollout of the feature in coming months. 


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