Google services back up after a brief global outage: Twitter reacts with hilarious memes


  • Google was down for a brief period of time earlier this morning
  • The outage was reported worldwide
  • The services are back now and working normal

Alphabet Inc’s Google faced a worldwide outage earlier today. Not only did the company’s search service was down but the outage also affected other Google services including Photos, Maps, Drive, Duo etc. According to, over 40,000 users reported issues with the search giant at the peak of the outage. 

As of writing this post, Google services are back up and working properly. The search giant also acknowledged the outage and issued a statement regarding the same. 

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Twitter reacts to Google’s worldwide outage 

Google’s sister platforms including Maps, Photos, Drive, and more rely on the search engine to operate. Users were met with a 502 or 500 error. Being the most visited website on the internet, many took to express their confusion about the global outage, switch to alternative search engines, and even share hilarious memes. Here are our top picks from hilarious Twitter reactions to Google’s outage. 

Google apologised for the global outage and cited software update issue as the reason for the same. The team also worked quickly on restoring services to normal. The company said ‘We’re aware of a software update issue that occurred late this afternoon Pacific Time and briefly affected availability of Google search and Maps’

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