Google Switch to Android app launched to transfer data wirelessly from iPhone to Android


  • Google has introduced the Switch to Android app on iOS 
  • It aims to make the transition between iOS and Android seamless
  • Google’s dedicated app arrives five years after Apple’s Move to iOS

Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ app has been quietly launched on Apple’s App Store. As the name suggests, it makes things easier for iPhone users to make the switch to Android devices by transferring data wirelessly. Moving data from iOS to Android has never been easy until today. 

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The Switch to Android app is unlisted on App Store and has not yet been officially announced by Google. Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has been offering ‘Move to iOS’ on Google Play Store for over five years to make it easy for customers who join Apple’s ecosystem. 

Google Switch to Android

Google has silently launched its Switch to Android app

Google introduces ‘Switch to Android’ app

With the Switch to Android app, users can securely transfer data from their iOS device to their Android phone. This includes photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events. Only photos and videos saved locally on iPhone will be copied over to the new Android phone. Media in the user’s iCloud will be transferred later to Google Drive or Google Photos. 

It’s worth noting that users cannot transfer messages, but the app will give the steps needed to turn off iMessage to ensure that users don’t miss any text messages. Also, Android users cannot migrate application data from iPhone. 

With the Switch to Android app, users won’t require transferring data by connecting two devices via a cable. Additionally, it will also solve the hassle of backing up data to Google Drive and restoring it manually. 

Google’s dedicated app for moving to Android comes a long time after Apple’s own app for moving to iOS. Since the app is unlisted, it does not appear on the App Store or in the search results. However, users can download it by heading to this link.

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