Google Task Mate announced: how to earn money by completing simple tasks

On: November 25, 2020

Google has a reward app for its users called Google Opinion Rewards, where users are asked to take surveys that are run by market researchers in exchange for Google Play balance. Google has now launched yet another application that rewards users in their local currency for completing small tasks. The app is called Task Mate and is being tested in India currently.

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The Google Task Mate app is available for download on the Play Store, however, there’s a small catch since not everyone can use it currently. In the app description section on the Play Store, Google has stated that the application is currently in beta and is limited to selected beta testers at the moment. If you are wondering what is Google Task Mate, how it works, and how to be a beta tester, here’s all that you need to know.

Google Task Mate in India: what is it?

Google Task Mate app is available to select users in India

Google Task Mate app is available to select users in India

Task Mate is the latest app made by Google and is being tested in India. The app provides users several small and random tasks, which they need to complete in order to get paid. These tasks are posted by businesses around the world. Some examples are, take a picture of a nearby store or restaurant, answer a survey about your preferences, and help translate an English sentence to your local language, among others.

There are no details currently on how Google plans to use the inputs provided by users through completed tasks. But it will be safe to assume that the data will be used to further improve Google’s search, dictation, and image recognition processes.

Google Task Mate: how to earn money

Google Task Mate app can be downloaded from Play Store

Google Task Mate app can be downloaded from Play Store

  1. Download Google Task Mate app from here
  2. Sign up with a valid Google account
  3. Enter the referral code
  4. Complete tasks
  5. Link a third-party payments processor
  6. Get payment in your bank account or digital wallet

It goes without saying that you will need a valid Google account to sign up for the Task Mate beta testing in India. While the app is up for download, you can only sign up using a referral code. Once you have successfully signed up for the app, you will need to complete some tasks to get paid.

These tasks are divided into two broad categories – Sitting tasks and Field tasks, which are self-explanatory. The former requires users to complete tasks which can be done from the comfort of your home like record spoken sentences and transcribe sentences. On the other hand, field tasks will require users to go out and carry out tasks like taking a picture of a specific nearby store. In case you choose to carry out a field task, the app will show you the approximate time it will take you to get there.

Users will be able to see how much the task is worth so that they can decide whether or not to undertake the same task. If the user is not interested in a task or unable to do it, they can choose to skip it. The app will also show the number of tasks completed, correctly done, user level, and tasks under review.

Once there’s a substantial amount of payout or the user decides to cash out, they will need to link an account with a third-party processor to get payment in their mobile wallet or bank account in local currency. Users can cash out by visiting their profile page and clicking on ‘Cash out’.

Google Task Mate in India: how to get a referral code

As mentioned already, Google Task Mate is available only to select Beta testers in India at the moment. Currently, users can only sign up using referral codes, which are being made available through invitations. It’s not known at the moment how to get the Google Task Mate invitation. The Google Play Store description reads “Please only download this app if you have a referral code as we are unable to extend further invites at this time.

We can expect the app to come out of the beta phase and roll out widely in the coming days. Are you interested in signing up for the Task Mate app? Let us know in the comment box.

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