Google Translate gets real-time transcription feature for 8 languages, including Hindi

Search engine giant Google has updated its free multilingual translation service Google Translate. The company has added the Live Transcribe feature to its Android app. It will automatically transcribe spoken languages and display the text in the user’s prefered language on the smartphone screen. The Live Transcribe feature was found built into the Recorder app on the Pixel 4 and had then made its way to older Pixel devices. Earlier in January, Google had demoed the feature and it is now rolling out for all Android users in the next few days. 

The Live Transcribe feature supports a total of eight languages at the moment including English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai. Google will add support for more languages in the future. Users can record spoken words in one language and transcribe them into translated text in real-time and without any delay. To use this feature, users need to update the Google Translate app to the latest version from Play Store. Upon updating, a Transcribe section appears on the app’s home screen (next to the camera and conversation modes) that will activate the function. Users will then have to select the source and target languages from the language dropdown at the top. There is also a mic icon to pause and restart the transcription. Users can also change the text size and choose a dark theme from the settings menu. 

Google says that the Live Transcribe feature works best in quiet environments with a one person speaking at a time. The new mode is aimed towards long-form audio like speeches, lectures and spoken word events. Google hasn’t revealed when the transcription feature will be made available for iOS. 

Viraj Gawde

Viraj loves being in the creative field. Being a tech guy and resident tech advisor for his friends and family, his interest lies in smartphones, laptops and cameras. Passionate about creating art, his forte lies in photography. In his downtime, he loves gaming on his self-built rig and supporting FC Barcelona.