Google Voice will warn users of suspicious calls with a ‘Suspected Spam Caller’ warning


  • Google has begun rolling out the new feature in phases
  • It announced the new specification in a blog update for Workspace 

Calls and messages from spammers may seem like mere annoyances, but they are usually the result of cyber-attacks on your personal information. India has no dedicated data protection law, so selling, sharing, and buying data is not accountable.

In recent developments, it has been announced that Google Voice will soon feature a new specification. Incoming spam calls will be alerted to users by the technology giant through a warning feature. This comes as good news, as a service like this should help users avoid unwanted calls and prevent them from being victims of potentially harmful scams. These spam callers will be identified by Google using artificial intelligence (AI).

In the US and Canada, Google Voice is available to Google Account and Google Workspace customers. Using the number, users can call, send text messages, and leave voice messages. In addition to computers, it also works on smartphones.

How will this new feature work?

The spam label for a number will be displayed on the caller screen and in the call history. Depending on whether the number is spam or a legitimate contact, the user may decide whether the call should remain spam or be removed. Future calls from that particular contact will go to voicemail if the number is confirmed as spam. Likewise, removing a number from spam will not show any warnings in the future.

Google Voice will gradually roll out the feature starting on December 29, and it could take up to 15 days for the specific feature to appear. In the future, it will be made available to all Google Voice users. 

Go to Settings > Security > Filter Spam and turn it on to automatically send spam calls to voicemail.