Google’s Latest Messaging App Allo to Debut on September 21st?

On: September 19, 2016

It has come to a point where his credibility is so strong that you take the word of Mr Evan Blass in the world of personal tech as the gospel of truth. He is usually the first out with the official renders of the upcoming smartphones and has gotten plenty of launch dates right in the past too. This is why, when he tweeted out indicating that Google Allo is set to come out on September 21st, we could not help but brace ourselves for the day when the most keenly awaited Google messaging app will come out.


Google showed a demo of Allo during the Google I/O event alongside Google Duo. Duo, a video messaging app was launched earlier in the year in August but there has been little to no information about Allo other than the fact that it would be out in the summer. With the summer season in the United States ending on September 21st, it makes all the more logical sense for Allo to be launched on the 21st of this month.

Allo is being looked at as an iMessage competitor, which has in itself got a huge facelift with iOS 10. Just like iMessage now, Allo is capable of integrating apps within itself. There is an assistant in built to help you come with answers to questions that you do not know about. It can also send contextually relevant smart replies and is expected to take AI in the messaging world to the next level thanks to the pile of data that Google has for all the users.


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