Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership Offer: answer these 5 quiz questions and win a free SBC membership

On: January 12, 2021

Grofers is among the most popular grocery delivery services in the country. While the pandemic forced local grocery stores to shut shop, Grofers ensured that people got their groceries delivered in more than 13 cities in the country. Like other retailers, the company also offers a membership program called Grofers Smart Bachat Club.

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With this membership, customers get additional savings on products, free delivery and priority delivery as well. While it costs Rs 79 per month and Rs 449 for a year, you can get the service for free. All you need to do is participate in a quiz, answer five questions and share your mobile number. Yes, it is that simple. Here is everything you need to know.

Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership quiz answers

  • Grand Orange Bag Days
  • 100% Guaranteed Inaam
  • 16th-26th January
  • All of the above
  • Car, scooter, washing machine, phone & many more

Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership quiz questions and answers

Question 1: What is the full form of GOBD?

Option 1: Grand Orange Bag Days
Option 2: Grand Only Big Days
Option 3: Giant Orange Big Days
Option 4: Great Orange Bag Days

Answer: Grand Orange Bag Days

Question 2: What is the best thing about GOBD this year?

Option 1: 100% Guaranteed Samosa
Option 2: 100% Guaranteed Aloo
Option 3: 100% Guaranteed Idli
Option 4: 100% Guaranteed Inaam

Answer: 100% Guaranteed Inaam

Question 3: What are the sale dates of GOBD?

Option 1: 16th-26th January
Option 2: It is already over
Option 3: Not taking place this month
Option 4: 30th-31st January

Answer: 16th-26th January

Question 4: What do Smart Bachat Club members enjoy?

Option 1: Extra low prices
Option 2: Priority delivery
Option 3: Free delivery
Option 4: All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Question 5: What can you win in GOBD this year?

Option 1: A pet cat/dog
Option 2: Car, scooter, washing machine, phone & many more
Option 3: Trip to Mars
Option 4: Nothing

Answer: Car, scooter, washing machine, phone & many more

Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership Offer quiz: how to play

  • Download Grofers app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the app and accept the initial terms and select your location.
  • Now, scroll down the app and you will see a teaser for GOBD promotion.
  • A further scroll down will show a banner that reads “Here’s your chance to get early access to Grand Orange Days sale.”
  • Click on this banner to answer all the five questions.
  • Enter your phone number to complete the process.

What is Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership?

Grofers Smart Bachat Club

Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership starts at Rs 79

Membership has become the key to success for retailers around the world. It is also one of the smart ways to turn any one-time customer into a loyal one. Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership is designed in a similar fashion. Consider it to be a more nuanced version of Amazon Prime membership.

With this membership, you get Rs 120 worth extra savings on products, one free delivery on orders above Rs 499 every month worth Rs 49 and priority delivery, which costs Rs 80. In all, Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership gets you Rs 249 worth savings every month on top of the savings made at the time of purchase of groceries on the app.

With Smart Bachat Club Membership, you also get 10 percent of your order value as win win points. The Smart Bachat Club Membership renews automatically but you can cancel it before the end of the membership. The membership is also available on all platforms with the latest version of the app.

With Smart Bachat Club membership, Grofers also guarantees lowest prices on certain products available on the platform. There is no limit to the number of orders. There is also a Zomato Gold offer applicable on one year membership of Smart Bachat Club.

Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership price

The Smart Bachat Club membership from Grofers is available for three different periods. The one month membership is available for Rs 79 while the six month membership is priced at Rs 249. For annual membership, you will need to pay Rs 449. It is not clear which membership is being offered with this quiz but it is likely to be the one month membership.

Grofers Smart Bachat Club Membership app offer

Grofers is also offering a discount on one month membership on the app. If you are a new Grofers user then you can get one month membership, which is priced at Rs 79, for Rs 39. The Rs 40 saving is Grofers’ way of convincing customers to get Smart Club membership.

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