Haier launches new Air Conditioners in FashionCool and CleanCool Plus series

Haier has launched new air conditioners in the FashionCool and CleanCool Plus Inverter series. The new ACs feature 3-star ratings and are available in 1 ton and 1.5 ton capacities. As per the company, these new models can provide up to 43 percent energy savings in residential, institutional and commercial applications. The split ACs with inverters are well designed and look aesthetically pleasing.

Apart from saving energy, the new ACs also come with several features that will certainly make you want to choose them over the competition. For example, there’s a feature that allows the AC to provide good cooling even if the ambient temperature is around 60 degree celsius. This is mainly due to the Inverter Plus technology embedded in the AC. The new products also come with Haier’s Turbo Cool tech, which helps the AC provide quick and fast cooling. You can choose to cool the room in just 60 seconds with the one-minute chill feature.

The air conditioners also come with Self Clean Inverter Technology. This lowers the temperature and frosts the surface of the AC evaporator. It then uses the 30 percent extra condensed water to clean the evaporator automatically. The surface frosting removes most of the dirt and the remainder is cleaned via defrosting. This means that the anti-bacterial efficiency of the AC increases to 99.9 percent. The new Haier ACs also come with long air-throw of up to 15 meters and can function without a stabiliser when there is low voltage of 140V.

Thanks to the Easy Installation technology, the FashionCool and CleanCool Plus series of air conditioners are extremely easy to install in homes. Haier claims that a professional installer can save up to 50 percent time installing these ACs.

Haier FashionCool and CleanCool Plus price

The company has introduced a total of four new models in the FashionCool and CleanCool Plus range. All of the variants will be available in both 1 ton and 1.5 ton capacities. The compressor comes with a 12-year warranty. The FashionCool HSU-12DW3 is priced at Rs 64,500, whereas the HSU-19DW3 will cost you Rs 69,500. Meanwhile, the CleanCool Plus HSU-12FW3 is priced at Rs 59,500 and the HSU-19FW3 at Rs 64,500.