Haier introduces floral patterns in its new range of Direct Cool refrigerators

Haier has launched a new range of floral design refrigerators in India for its Direct Cool series. The range is available in Blossom and Serenity patterns in Black, Marine and Red colours. The range has eight refrigerator models and the new VCM finish pattern lends a premium finish with a high gloss coating. Before commencing on the details, check out our in-depth refrigerator buying guide. 

Haier Direct Cool refrigerators: specifications and features

Haier floral range for Direct Cool Refrigerators launched in India

Blossom pattern: This pattern includes a dual tone finish and is designed with black and red colours with a mild yellow patch.

Serenity pattern: This new category comes with floral patterns at the top and bottom of the refrigerator to complement vivid colours such as Royal Marine and Peachy Red.

The Direct Cool refrigerators by Haier also have features like one hour icing technology which lets the product make ice in just 60 minutes and Diamond Edge Freezing Technology (DEFT) that enables faster cooling, power saving and durability of the product. The models are available with total capacity of 190 Litres and 195 Litres, respectively. This new range of refrigerators are also focused on conservation of energy and hence, the models have three star, four star and five star energy ratings, respectively.

Additionally, the refrigerators are also embedded with a thick PUF insulation and longer condenser coils for effective
cooling. The range of DC refrigerators run without a stabilizer and the premium models are equipped with a base drawer where users can store the dry objects that don’t require cooling.

The President of Haier Electronics, Eric Braganza, said, “Haier is dedicated in its endeavor to proactively create solutions for Indian consumers. With the launch of our new range of floral patterns in DC refrigerators, we are expanding our range of aesthetically designed products that complement the efficiency and style quotient of consumers across all forms of kitchens i.e. modern, traditional and contemporary. More importantly, Haier’s new range of refrigerators is customized to meet the needs of Indian consumers suffering from expensive power tariffs and helping them lower their power consumption. We at Haier, combine innovation with advanced technology to deliver optimal performance.”

Haier Direct Cool refrigerators: price and availability

All the eight models under this floral DC range is available in the Indian market right now. Their price is as follows:

HRD-1903CMS-E: Rs 16,300
HRD-1903CRS-E: Rs 16,300
HRD-1903PRS-E: Rs 17,700
HRD-1954CRS-E: Rs 20,200

HRD-1954CKB-E: Rs 20,200
HRD-1954CRB-E: Rs 20,200
HRD-1955PKB-E: Rs 21,800
HRD-1955PRB-E: Rs 21,800

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