Haier TH27U1 robot vacuum cleaner review: A good value for money offering

Haier TH27U1 robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners have been gaining popularity due to their convenience and time-saving benefits. However, during the pandemic, most people felt the need to own one. As people became increasingly aware of their hygiene, they felt the need to own an effective and convenient robot vacuum cleaner. 

Haier, a well-known consumer electronic brand, has recently started offering robot vacuum cleaners. The TH27U1 is available for Rs 13,990 and offers to mop and clean your floor. For the purpose of this review, we switched to using only this as our go-to mopping and cleaning option for a full week and here are our observations

Design and box contents 

haier th27u1 robot vacuum cleanerhaier th27u1 robot vacuum cleaner


The Haier TH27U1 is very similar to the other robot vacuum cleaners in the market. In terms of design, what sets it apart from the other robot cleaners is that it is available in silver colour. We like this colour option as it does not get dirty or look dusty and is relatively easier to maintain. 

Inside the box, you will find one silver colour robot vacuum cleaner, Dust Collector, a Water Tank attachment, a charging dock and cable, a remote with two AAA batteries and two Mopping Cloths. 

Coming over to the other design aspects, the bottom and the front of the vacuum cleaner house all the sensors that enable the device to map the room and also avoid any collisions. The charging sensors are also housed at the bottom. For changing the device for the first time (especially if it drained not to find the dock on its own), it is important to make sure that the charging pins are completely aligned with the dock. There is an LED light on the top of the Haier vacuum cleaner to indicate the charging status. In addition, the cleaner also has a voice prompt to inform if the device is charging, and it will announce when the device is 100% charged. 

By default, the cleaning attachment was attached to the device, and the users could switch to the mopping one when needed. Switching between these attachments is easy. There is also an additional mop in the box that you can use once your existing one wears out. 




As mentioned, we used Haier TH27UI as our go-to option to clean and mop for seven days. Prior to this, our default cleaning needs were taken by the trust bai that comes in the morning to groom and mop and would do a satisfactory job that even had my mom’s approval. On day 1, we used the mop after the maid had done her work. Even then, we found the corners cleaner, and some dust accumulated in the dust bag. For the next six days, this device was our go-to device for all cleaning needs. It takes the device about 30-40 min to thoroughly clean a decent-sized room, and then the same process has to be repeated with the mop attachment. While we were happy with the cleaning, for people who want to schedule daily cleaning might find it inconvenient to switch attachments manually. 

Another advantage that this robot vacuum cleaner offers is that it can be easily controlled via the app (more on which will follow), and there is also a remote control. It was easy to navigate the Haier robot cleaner via the remote and that added to the ease of use. 

All the accumulated dust is stored in the can placed at the bottom of the cleaner. One can easily remove the same. Unlike the Dyson vacuum cleaners that come with a one-touch ejection for dust that allows for hands-free handling of dust, there is no such provision here. So we recommend wearing gloves while handling the dust bag.

Software/ App

haier th27u1 robot vacuum cleaner

Much like any other IoT device, the robot vacuum cleaner could be connected with the smartphone using the app, which is available on both Google and Apple Play stores. There are simple instructions available on the app that helps in pairing the device to the Wi-Fi and thus getting it to work. 

There is more functionality available on the app than on the remote. For example, you can control the suction speed. It also displays the remaining battery and the route the device will be taking to clean the room. We found the process of paring the device and using it very straightforward. Using the app, one could also schedule a cleaning. For example, we had set that device should go on to cleaning every morning at 9:00 AM, and it would promptly get up from it charging place and get to work, with no intervention from our side. 


A completely drained battery took about 4 hours to completely charge. Once charged, it can easily clean a fair-sized room in about 40 minutes, and in the process, dropped almost 30% battery. For mopping, it requires the same energy all over again. While it can go back to the charging dock when the battery is about to die and also when its job is done, we feel that for bigger houses, you may need a bigger battery backup. 


Haier TH27U1 vacuum cleaner is a cost-effective cleaner that does its job well. It effectively gets to the remotest corners of the room and digs out all the dust. We wish it came with either a bigger battery to last more cleaning cycles on a single charge or faster charging.

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Pricebaba’s rating: 7.5/10

Reasons to buy:

  • Value for money 
  • Effective cleaning
  • Easy to use remote and app

Reasons not to buy: 

  • You need to switch between cleaning and mopping the attachment manually 
  • The battery size could be bigger